Saturday, February 5, 2011

This blog has no title, just words and a tune

What the hell does defenestrate mean??  EMZ wrote it in her last post.  I gave up and googled it.  For those of us, or just me if that's the case, that didn't know, it means to throw (a person or thing) out of a window.  I can be helpful right.  I know a few people I'd like to defenestrate at the moment.

I have sat in a chair and NOT moved for enough days in a row that my ankle is FINALLY feeling better and I'm so SICK of sitting in a chair (on a couch) and not moving that I actually WANT to work out and sweat, ALOT.  So tomorrow, walk/run and Monday I'm signed up for spin class, I need some Mike ass kicking action my friends.  

 Today I met some amazing ladies for lunch.  We haven't got together in a long time and it was good to see their faces and hear them laugh.   We met for Dim Sum cause the ladies love them some Dim Sum. Sadly I'm not a good Dim Sum date because I don't like seafood or anything that I might consider to be 'odd' but I am happy to report that despite the odds, I did not starve and even had some yummy stuff. With it being Chinese New Year the place was packed and around noon they had a couple of dragons come around and an adorable older gentleman wishing every one a Happy New Year.   

One of the girls that was there, Candace, is quite the cook, I mean QUITE the cook!  She has a blog and posts here occasionally and I gave her loads of lip service about that today at lunch.  She posted a picture of her yorkshire puddings on facebook, see the pic above.  I swiped that off her facebook and can't figure out why it's teeny tiny but trust me, those yorkies are MUCH bigger than they appear here.  This sparked a facebook photo comment debate on who makes the best ones and of course I threw my hat in there cause I make some pretty good ones if I do say so myself. 

Not much else going on around the casa, I did get some nice "Canada" gear at Zellers today, was hoping for a better sale price on the hoodie but I have been looking at it for months now, it was time to make the buy.

I'm a bit grumpy, I've been immobile for two weeks and haven't had a drop of alcohol in almost 4 weeks.  UGH

Oh I did make a few race decisions and have my credit card at the ready for registration.  I'm definitely doing the Mississauga half in late May and I'm going to do the Scotia half (in Toronto) in late Sept, early Oct.  I think it will be great to compare times, I'm hoping to see some gains in my speed as the season progresses.   

 That's all I got...


Caratunk Girl said...

Defenestrate is awful close to defecate. Just saying, I had to look twice. And thank you for looking up that big word for me, I had no idea.

Those freaking Yorkies are HUGE!

Caratunk Girl said...

OH I pre-hit publish!! I hope your ankle is better!

Bryan Payne said...

Hope your ankle gets better soon. Nice work on the not drinking.

Word Verification was "trybdi"

Daryl said...

Great to hear you've signed up for some half marathons!

Kirk (MyBestTri) said...

Isn't it amazing how resting actually sucks.

Matty O said...

no alcohol???? damn, I wish you would have told me so that I would have sold my stock BEFORE you gave it up! No wonder I am losing money now!

Now stick to the plan and workout workout workout!

She said I need a goal said...

Caratunk girl, you kill me!!

B, I need to drink. I will have a couple of glasses of wine this weekend and then back on the wagon it is.

Daryl, haven't signed up yet.. Nancy was saying you are super amazing fast runner, you are awesome.

Kirk, it's true that.

Matty, I'm drinking this weekend so buy stock in red wine..