Friday, February 25, 2011

too many layers!!

there is a beer hiding in here
After layering up I waddled my way to meet my half marathon training group.  My upper body felt a bit ridiculous but I was determined to stay warm.  Despite some whining my goal really is to be able to run outside in the winter.  Some people take it too far (cough John Rodney Bryan etc cough) but I'll be happy to be a cold weather runner and not a blizzard runner.  It was the group's first run so we did the intros and heard more about the upcoming runs.  We have 12 weeks until raceday and after looking at the plan I'm quite sure I won't be ready.  If I think I can run/walk the half in 3 hours or less I will go for it, until then I am not going to think about will I or won't I, I'm going to train like I will.  As we went aruond the room introducing ourselves I wanted to die.. oh hai, I'm so and so and I've done 4 marathons and 3 halfs, oh hai my name is whatever and I've done 32 half marathons, oh hai my name is blah blah and I've done Boston every year since I was born..  and then there was..

Hi, My name is Adena, I did a 5km once BUT it was at the end of a sprint triathlon, I'll just be going now.  I told them I would be their sweep and asked them to be kind when they lapped me.

The course was for 6kms with a few hill repeats mixed in for fun, yay.  Of course I was at the back of the pack but I was surprised at how well I did.  I ran for 11 minutes in a row without walking which I haven't done before.  My old smoker lungs were burning by then so I went to a run/walk, I have to say the burn felt good, like finally after all this time my lungs were starting to kick some of the crap out of them.  Anne (who has run Boston) kept me company for the first 3kms and then Sonja took over doing hill repeats with me.  She's injured and has such long legs that she can practically walk while I run.  It was really really nice of her to take the time with me.  I even did 4 hill repeats, 2 extra, before heading back, my ankle was starting to talk to me.  Final wrap up, I was warm and could have ditched a layer, but I'm not sure which one, probably the arm warmers and t-shirt but that is my favourite layer. 

The Barefoot Science inserts/insoles are working really well so far.  At first it kind of felt like the Princess and the Pea but my feet are definitely adjusting quickly.  The directions say that I should wait for the level 1 insert to become comfortable and then move up. I think I'll be moving up soon.   

We got our running programs last night and since I know some of our group workouts coming up I'm going to make a shell of my training plan for the next 12 weeks in excel later today (over a glass of wine).  Saturday will be our long endurance rides, Sundays are long runs.  Defininitely Monday and/or Wed with Sonja and Mike for spin, a few runs on my own plus I need to throw a few swims in there.. will be nice to have it all laid out and on the fridge where I can cross out my workouts as I do them.  The half marathon goal is daunting but really motivating. 

I am working from home today and as I was getting my coffee cream out of the fridge this morning it occured to me since so many of you wanted to see what was in my drawers (not my underoos) I thought I would take a picture of my fridge, off the cuff, no taking out bad stuff, just let it all hang out.  I have way too many condiments on the door and will be throwing most of them out on garbage, I generally only use about 5 of them week to week. 

What's in YOUR fridge?  Take a picture and post it on your blog or make a list and leave it in a comment here.  I love to know what's in peoples fridges.   

that's all I got..

oops, I lied.. go head over to Jason and Matt's blogs today.  They are having a sweet potatoe challenge and I can't decide!!!


Jason said...

Do me a favor and stop putting yourself down. That will make it harder to succeed.

You are going to be great at this 1/2 and everything else you decide to take on. You have conquered quitting smoking right? So you can do what you put your mind to.

My fridge does not look that neat. I am going grocery shopping today and will show you after it's all stuffed in there.

That's all I got....except to say VOTE FOR ME!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I agree with Jay. Everyone that was at the meet up has one major thing in common with you, they all had to do their first race at some point of their life. They all started out like you did. Hey, I am doing my first half mary in April with Matty O. So their you go, I am a pure rookie like you

Julie said...

You will do it and you will do fantastic! And the feeling when you cross the finish line...unbelievable!

Love the shot of the fridge..I'll have to do one. :)

allier0223 said...

You rock!!! Glad to see you didn't give up. I'll have to get the running plan from you when I see you next.

She said I need a goal said...

Jason, thank you. It's not meant to put myself down, it's a discussion point of will I be ready. Looking at the schedule it assumes the group has a certain level of established fitness, I am not there but that doesn't mean I won't try. I also won't beat myself up if come race day I don't feel ready.

BDD, you are going to do so great at that half.. I can't wait to read the report.

Julie, I will use your example as motivation.

Allie!! You're here! love it..

I'm dying to see what's in ALL your fridges!! go now..

Bryan Payne said...

A, two things, both Rodney and I are from Winnipeg, hence non of the weather her to run in is too far. I've run in -38 C for 90 minutes once, nothing's worse than that. Number two, you are ahead of the group already, they are JUST runners, you're a triathlete. Runners, even Boston finishers aspire to be a triathlete, even if it's a sprint. Hang you head high.


Pedalman said...

I'm with everyone here. The biggest thing you need to remember is that all of us here are in your corner. The others don't have that kind of strength behind them, regardless of how many marys they've done.
If I took a picture of my fridge right now, I would have Matty_O and Bry kicking down my door. Haha.

FranP said...

Way to get out there and conquer those hills!!
Everyone starts somewhere and this is your time. You are going to be amazed on the accomplishments your will achieve this season!! I am right there cheering for you as is everyone else here!! :)