Wednesday, February 16, 2011

so I was


Thinking I should not be near a computer while drinking, recently after a few glasses of wine I bought the Vinturi and music from itunes, thank you iPad. 

Interested to see if the Vinturi I bought actually works, my friend said it will change my wine experience entirely. 

Going to say thank you to the person that left the Anonymous comment on a very old entry this week.  I appreciate you taking the time to make such a nice comment.

Considering going vegetarian for 30 days. I was vegetarian from the time I was 20 (something) until my mid-30's, when I moved in with BBQman. There are loads more options out there now not to mention all those websites with recipes. (coughJasoncough)

Wondering why 'copycat' is such a popular search term, my blog gets the most hits for my 'copycat' post via google and only from Europe. I don't get it at all.

Happy to spend time with an old (old old old) friend this week, drinking wine and crank calling our other old old old friend to sing to her. I did not sing, I was too busy laughing.

Missing MS 2007 and all the cool features and don't even get me started on how much I miss OneNote.

Reading blogs on my ipad via Flipboard but I can't comment easily that way so back to Safari it is.

Listening to the music that I bought on Monday.

Excited that this weekend is a long weekend here in Ontario. It's family day and while I don't have my own family I am happy to take a day to stay in bed. 

Making some recipes from Fuel Up this weekend.  I also saw this recipe and think I'll make that one too.  Maybe stuffed shells with sun dried tomatoes and spinach from the cookbook. Sun dried tomatoes are so retro.

Excited to try out my new Barefoot Science insoles on this week's run. If the weather does not cooperate and it's too cold out I give up and will be getting my "Y" membership back to run on the treadmill. 

Looking for a bag or purse to carry my iPad around in, my lulu bag isn't cutting it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

remember late night sunsets..

that's all I got...


Matty O said...

My buddy has that for their red wines. He said that a $3 bottle tastes like a $50 bottle.

Please do a follow up with that thing... but do it before you are wasted LOL.

She said I need a goal said...

haha Matty. I will blog the taste test as it happens on Friday night, what do you think?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for the reminder, I need new tunes on my Ipod

Dede said...

I'm fairly certain the wine I drink is too cheap to be transformed.
Deeds xoxo

She said I need a goal said...

BDD, what you gonna buy? I'm always looking for suggestions.

Deeds, I drink the cheap stuff and Mike assured me it works for even that stuff. Next time I see you we will do some taste testing.

FranP said...

Vegetarian eh!? How interesting! I have contemplated that every now and then as I enjoy almost every vegetable out there! However, sundried tomatoes, not so much! ;)

Julie said...

Can't wait for the taste test! Maybe a video would be a good idea.

Make sure to share if you make something good!

Jason said...

Thanks for the shout out girl. Tomorrow's AP is a guest AP but it looks awesome, and then on Friday is a vegetarian breakfast menu.

And this weekend the newsletter will be a vegetarian chocolate-cocounut energy bar....

So I Was thinking when do you plan on doing the vegetarian test.

One Crazy Penguin said...

The Vinturi is *awesome*. It really does work wonders. I'm not really sure how I lived without it actually considering how much wine I drink :p

I was just having a convo with someone the other day about how I could never be a vegetarian. Then they asked me why/how much meat and chicken do I eat. After thinking about it, I realized I hadn't eaten any in a couple of weeks. Whoops! Blonde moment much? I guess I though I was much more of a carnivore than I really am! If you go for it, can you either post or send over any good recipes?