Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Group run, group ride + a cupcake

Can't wait to get the shirts!!!!
Our team IronCanucks half ironman training started this past week. We started with a learn and burn. Learn and burn is where we all get together at the club and ride spin bikes while we learn about something.

This week we learned about nutrition while we rode for about 45min or so. Janicke did not let us off that easy though.  She busted me tweeting when I thought we were done because she wanted to throw in a few challenges at the end. It's not the same as a spin class but when we were done I was sweating and felt good. I love how the team is shaping up and my goal is to get from the back of the pack to somewhere at the slow end of the middle. Is that even a place? Slow middle?

In the meantime our other coach Nancy sent out our training schedule. She has 4 swims per week on there. Really? Yeah no.. I need to focus on my run at the moment (hai half marathon) so I changed the program around a bit. I started with our half marathon training schedule. A group run on Thursdays, long run on Saturday and a solo run on Tuesday. Then I added in 3 cycling sessions, well I didn't have to add them in, they were already there. Spin class one day per week, solo trainer ride and a long group endurance ride on the weekend. I only have one swim per week down and one strength training session but if my runs are less than an hour I will throw in another session. I'd like to do 2 half hour sessions per week (push/pull). Saturdays are turning out to be mini-tris with a swim and then a brick. This could be good, or at least funny because the ride is our endurance ride and I'm going to look like a duck trying to run off the long bike ride. Is it too late to pray?

I also joined Jason's cupcake half marathon but I opted OUT of the cupcakes portion, it kinda defeats the purpose. I figure with my training schedule I'll more than meet the mileage required and it's always fun to this kinda thing.

My eating has been really great lately, I'm very proud of myself but at the same time my jaw hurts from chomping all the vegetables.  I feel good!!

that's all I got..


Matty O said...

"so I changed it around a bit".

I do that a lot. Make sure you keep it tough though!

(THAT IS A LOT of swimming. She must think you guys don't know how to swim?).

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That is one cool logo, I want a shirt

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, not to worry it is still very tough especially for me. It's alot of running and the rides are long. I think I might try and get on the bike on my non cycling days for 20 minutes (while I watch tv) not as a workout but to build up my ass tolerance.

BDD, I can TOTALLY hook you up.. email me your address and what size you'd like. Not kidding.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Cupcake marathon? I think you may have just found my new favorite thing in the entire world! Yum!

And I love the goal of moving from the back of the pack to the slow middle. This time it was you who was making me snort with laughter!

Matthew Smith said...

Slow middle is a sweet spot to be! Way to go with the veggies! I'm a pretty big vegetable fan. Good luck as you train!

JohnP said...

I think you've done wise with your training program, great work!

I like it when you sweat.

Jason said...

Iron Canucks..I love it. Can a non-IC get a shirt?

And is a Canuck really a beaver? Or is that just the logo? What is a canuck?

Anonymous said...

I am in awe at how much you accomplish every week. I love your dedication. Go you!!

I lmao at the "What is a canuck?" question...can't wait to see how you answer that one. :)


PS - Max sends "go you!" kisses!

Daryl said...

Saturday brick workout - you might be on to something there! 5:30 a.m. on Thursday isn't overly appealing to me ;-)