Wednesday, March 2, 2011

so I was

Feeling restless and still thinking about picking up and moving clean outta town. But that would take a lot of work and I'm lazy. Move along.
Wondering if I'd really do it.

Thinking I am not a fan of taxes in fact, I hate them, there I said it.
Wondering if I'll ever get over that or at the very least get a decent paper filing system so it's less painful every year.

Happy to catch up, with a very very very old friend this week who lives very very very far away now. We've known each other since we were 13 or 14 and reconnect every few years.
Wondering where we'll be in 2 years time when we catch up again. I bet he's still laughing at the whole triathlon thing, in fact he claimed my identity had been hijacked.

Wishing I could find a good pair of headphones for my iPod. Got any recommendations?
Wondering why, whenever I ask a question here, no one really answers.

Listening to the new Slash album over and over. Soooo good.
Wondering if you noticed that I called it an album, how old am I? 

Missing the experience of buying albums.  Going to the record store, flipping through the bins, bringing a record (or 10) home.  Pulling it out of the sleeve and looking at the inner jacket and looking at the pictures, reading the liner notes.  Put it on the turntable, adjust the penny (or nickel) on the needle and let it play. 
Wondering if I am the only one.  

Excited that daylight savings time is coming soon. I know most people loathe losing the hour but this means it will be light outside til about 7pm and that makes me happier than you know.
Wondering if you knew that half the clocks in my house are still on the old time, plus the clock in my car.

Loving our team logo for IronCanucks! One of the guys is saying he's going to get a tattoo of it.
Wondering if that's going to far? ;-)

Looking forward to dinner out on Friday night. We are going to Salad King. It's my FAVOURITE Thai restaurant and it just reopened after a long stretch because the building it was in crumbled. Yup, crumbled. Friday night it will be Cashew Chicken with 4 chilies and spring rolls. I'll also get the Panang Chicken Curry, 7 chilies to go.
Wondering if it be wrong if I just brought tupperware and asked them to fill it? I could take home more food that way.

Writing this on Wednesday afternoon and scheduling it to post tomorrow morning.
Wondering if it will work.

that's all I got..


Matthew Smith said...

Great post! I thought a lot of it was hilarious and yet very authentic. I ride with my old Sony headphones...the ones that wrap around the back of your head. There's an answer for you. Have a good week.

JohnP said...

Dont leave town! We'd miss you!!

You ask questions? Bah I just lurk around blogs and troll when I got the energy. I don't actually offer up anything productive like answers or anything lol

When is DST coming? Ohhh that gives me a happy!! I could trail run with that kind of daylight! Even ride my bike outdoors after work! ohhhh we're sooo close. Spring fever sucks!!!

Salad king sounds yummy. I wouldn't mind trying that some time. I rarely try anything different

Bryan Payne said...

A, recomendation for ear phones, get regular ones, but put these on them, they are AWESOME, make any sh*tty earphones sounds great and you can't feel them in your ears. No pain for long rides / runs.


Jason said...

So I was, but not anymore, wondering if there was anybody else like me that likes to have the light longer regardless of this whole losing the hour thing.

And yes I have the same problem with clocks. I don't like rolling them back so I don't. Period. Not going to do it so don't force me.

That's all...

Oh might be going to far depending on where the tattoo is.

She said I need a goal said...

Matthew, welcome to "so I was" Wednesdays. Jason makes me do this every week. Glad you got a laugh and thank you for the answer.

John, DST is next weekend, THANK GOD!! Lets you, me and Fran all go for Salad King this spring. It's SOOOO good.

B, thanks for the info, I'm going to order a set and see how it goes.

Jason, I think we may have been separated at birth. I love that you and me agree on this!!! And yes, re the tattoo, totally agree.

Caratunk Girl said...

I love these!! Sooo...did the scheduling thing work? I think it is Wednesday evening...I would go with what the MAN Bryan Payne says to do. Just saying... See, you got all kinds of answers now. Maybe no one knew you wanted one?? ha

Daryl said...

Slash has a new album? Where have I been - wasn't he at the Super Bowl halftime show? I'll just forget that.

One Crazy Penguin said...

- The best headphones that I have found are the yurbuds. They seem to be the trendy thing now, but I think it's because they actually work.

- I'm completely with you on the clocks thing. I figure if I wait long enough, they'll be right again!

Happy Wednesday :)

PS - I love your So I was...posts. They're always super interesting and are guaranteed to have a couple of good laughs in them :)

Julie said...

I too love these posts! :)

And I'd give you an answer if I had one but I don't..which is suprising since I usually have an answer for everything. LOL! NOT!

Matty O said...

All I got from this is that you are an old fart. I didn't even buy albums when I was a kid LOL :)

I do miss going to the record store though and getting the latest cassettes or cds. Now its so informal. Click, download, play.

Allie said...

You sound like me looking for the right set of headphones. I can tell you that the Rocketfish wireless ones are amazing and you know this is the 3rd set of wireless headphones I have tried. Nicole has the same ones and loves them. Haven't you noticed that she has taken to throwing things at me at my desk because all outside sounds are gone with these babies. Try'll love them! Glad to have answered one of your questions.......

Anonymous said...

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