Friday, March 4, 2011

I wasn't gonna....

Ice (cuber)

A-Age: 45, when the hell did that happen?

B-Bed size: I have a queen size but what is a California King and why does everyone but me have one?

C-Chore you hate: Folding and putting away clothes

D-Dogs? 2 but they don’t live with me. Ice (cuber, minime, snugglebear) a Weimaraner and a Little Sister (peepeepants, nugglebum, sugarbear) is a German Shorthaired Pointer. I miss them every single day.  I dogsit Sadie, Mia, Tavish and Max (but Max is a cat)

E-Essential start to your day: hello coffee!!

F-Favourite colour: Green

G-Gold or silver: White gold, silver, platinum

H-Height: 5'5.5"

I-Instruments you play: I played the piano as a kid but doubt I could even bang out chopsticks now

this is a ball, do you wanna play huh huh huh?
J-Job Title: Program Control Officer

K-Kids: None

L-Live: Burlington Ontario

M-Mom's Name: Janice (and why only mom?  Isn't dad important too?  Bob's my dad, not my uncle)

N-Nickname: yeah like I’d tell YOU guys.. ummm no.

O-Overnight hospital stays: had my tonsils out when I was 3 or 4

P-Pet Peeve: people that get out of the shower and step directly on the bathmat. Dry off FIRST and then step on the bathmat. I hate having wet feet

Q-Quote from a movie:
Steve McCroskey: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines OR
Hanging Lady: Nervous? Ted Striker: Yes.
Hanging Lady: First time? Ted Striker: No, I've been nervous lots of times.

R-Right or Left handed? Right

S-Siblings: Older sister, younger brother, younger step sister and step brother

T-Time you wake up: no clue, there are so many alarms going off it’s a crapshoot as to when I actually get out of bed

U-Underwear: Fruit of the loom, cherry..

My girls hanging with their fav person, Gramma M

V-Vegetable you dislike: peas!!!!!

W-What makes you run late: getting anywhere first thing in the morning, see wake up question. I’m generally always 15-30 minutes early

X. X-Rays you've had done: Foot, because a horse stepped on it, it wasn’t broken, go figure

Y-Yummy food you make: Yorkshire pudding?

Z. Zoo-Favorite animal: I don’t like the zoo, or marine land or places like that. I feel bad for all the animals


Emz said...

because I'd like to help:

California king:

72 in × 84 in (183 cm × 213 cm)

King: 76 in × 80 in (193 cm × 203 cm)

need. every. freaking. cm with the Pita.

Jason said...

Run (even on the bad ankle and formerly broken foot) don't walk to get a CA King. Oh yeah!!!!

And Airplane...classic. only one word can describe that movie and that is it.

Julie said...

Love it! I enjoy all the random fact things! Growing up we had German shorthairs. One was truly loco but the other was great!

And feel free to come for dinner anytime!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You gave your height in feet/inches! *smug look northward*

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!!! I love the dogs of course!! Lots of energy those 2 breeds!! :D These ABC lists are so fun--I get to know people so much faster this way!!

@EMZ ha ha!!

One Crazy Penguin said...

The California King is the best bed invention ever. Your next bed needs to be one.

And I'm with you on the coffee. Don't talk to me until after my first cup :p

Greg Heller said...

Adena ...loved the pic of the Weimaraner. Once upon a time I had one too. He was a high performance German named "Beamer"

Colleen said...

Thanks to Emz for clearing that up for us. because I have a king and was like "huh" every time I saw California King. :)

The pups are adorable!

And I totally dry off IN the shower before getting out. Habit I guess!

Bryan Payne said...

A, loved the post.


Caratunk Girl said...

What the F is a California King?? I agree, everyone has one but us. WTF??

Also, with you on the zoo, I wrote the same thing in mine (that I haven't published yet)

Ice is awesome. I love Weimaraner

Matty O said...

WOAH... you have dogs... but not with you?! DAMN! I would die if I couldn't be with my pups :(

Agreed on the bath mat...DRY OFF FIRST H!