Monday, March 21, 2011

monday monday..

I did 7 hours of exercise last week and hit every workout hard so I was over the moon happy with a rest day on Friday. I know some people say 'oh I don't like rest days" and all I have to say to those people is 'WTF?'. I enjoyed every single minute of not working out on Friday. Friday night I headed to Fran and John's for dinner. On the way there I had a phone chat with my twitter pal @pedalmanTO, it was great to talk to a 'voice' after more than a year of tweeting.  I arrived at F&J's half hour early, there wasn't any traffic, the drive was spectacular!! We did not have pizza, John BBQd steaks and there were grilled veggies, sweet potatoes and garlic bread with cheese. It was their son Blake's 19th birthday so there were presents and ice cream cake too. The boys obviously take after Fran because they were polite and well behaved. Haha After dinner Fran and I registered for the Peterborough 70.3.. No turning back now. OH EMMM GEE

Saturday I was up and out for my first weigh in at WW and despite the garlic bread and ice cream cake I lost 3.1 pounds my first week. They wanted me to stay for the meeting but I had a more important meeting to get to, my 90 minute endurance ride with the team. I can't think of a single thing I would hear at a WW meeting that would trump the things I would learn with the people at the ride. Last week there was alot of talk about shammy cream and lubing!!  I took George with me for his first indoor ride that was not in my living room. The class was packed, I think there are 45 of us in all. Daryl set up his bike beside mine so at least once in our training season I was able to stay beside him for a ride. When we move outside I won't be seeing any of these people, just the person that ends up on sweep, we'll be great friends!! It was a super uncomfortable ride for me, I was not happy from the start but I powered through. In the end we did 1 hour and 45 minutes and my butt was on fire. I will be going to MEC today to pick up some butt cream, I am not convinced it will help but I'm willing to try anything. After the ride home to shower, do some errands and attend a surprise party for a very good friend. It was so nice to see my friends for a few hours!

I left early because there is an 8:00am run with my team and I wanted to be up in time to go. Sadly (or not) I slept through that so I opted for brunch with my friend Sukhi and after brunch we shopped for an iPod. My iPod has been on it's last legs for quite some time so I got a classic 160GB one for myself as well. I got home and set that up to sync while I headed out for my run. Right out of the gate I felt good. No first sucky 20 minutes which was fantastic, my breathing stayed steady and my HR stayed between 155 and 160 for the most part. After 8km I was dead but I was still 2km from home so no choice but to run the rest of the way. I ended up with 10.65km an will try for 12 next weekend. Get this I even 'enjoyed' some of that run, the sun was out, I was out of the wind in a subdivision and listening to a great mix on my old ipod. I won't tell you how slow I was but I kept my usual 5km pace which I think means I can kick up the 5km pace a notch now.

This week I'm shortening my Tuesday run to 45 minutes (from an hour) and adding in 30 minute strength session to that day. I talked to my spin/running coach and told her I wanted to swap out her Wednesday spin class for a swim and now I'm doing both. WTF? I was going to call her a bad name but she might read this and then I'd really pay. I will add in a second 30 minute strength session to my week for a total of around 9 hours of training this week. Oh what the hell maybe I should also do Yoga tonight too. Haha yeah right.

For any of the people that were on the ride no Satuday that may be reading this, the story that Coach Nancy told about how I ended up enrolled in the half iron training was NOT TRUE!! What really happened?? She put me on the email list for the half, I responded and said 'I think you made a mistake including me on this email distribution list', she said 'no, you can do it' and here I am.. She's a sneaky bugger.

that's all I got...


Matty O said...

Great post haha! I can tell there is a little skip in your step today too. Great feeling after a solid weekend of training isn't it???

I still don't believe you that JP COOKS, lies, all lies!

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

Sounds like you're in the groove.

Wow that's a big spin class!

if you have more than one pair of riding shorts, try doubling up

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Solid week!!! I am a believer in rest days and recovery weeks, the people who do not believe are the ones that fall apart at the end of season because they didnt take anytime to recover

Julie said...

Great week! I started my 70.3 training this week and got a little scared. I didn't think it would be quite as big a jump from the plan I was following...YIKES what is in store for us?

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GOOD job and congrats on the weight loss. I have friends following WW and tey love it! YOu tri's are so amazing--training for a run is hard enough for me!!

Rest=good --you want to race for years to come right?! :)

JohnP said...

Unbelievable week babe! Wow, I'm shocked at how wickedly awesome you did this week! Your enthusiasm shows in your writing! You rock!

Your 7-8hrs a week is plenty, no need to pile on strength and yoga eh! Keep what your doing up for a few more weeks! :) You are amazing!

I still can't believe we didn't have pizza. I am trying to lose weight but I am failing miserably. Maybe we should have had that pizza afterall.

Matty - I dont cook, thats a womans job. :)
BBQ'ing is not cooking. BBQ'ing is grilling, and that is the only thing I know how to operate. lol
Besides if I let her do it, she'll burn the steaks! We cant have that.... Not when I'm THAT hungry lately. Diets suck!

Julie said...

I found you through Jess's comments - HI :-)

I'm doing my 3rd 70.3 in June...and so far they haven't been very pretty, but I still LOVE THEM!!

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, it does feel good but my legs are wondering how I'm going to make it through a second consecutive week.

MBTB I will double up, good idea. One of the women in the class said to wear shorts with a thinner shammy (sp) and use loads of cream. Interesting, my first thought would have been more padding.

Julie, I'm glad you are suffering with me!!!

BDD, yes rest days are the best days. 3 more workouts til my next one!

Jess, the run is the absolute worst for me. I like the variety of training for tris.

JohnP, I did not think I had it in me, but who knew, I'm halfway through week 2.

Julie (#2), thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. My 70.3 won't be pretty either. Love may be a strong word for it though, haha.

Sue Sitki said...

Peterborough?? I thought you were racing Steelhead 70.3...? Did you change your race plans?


She said I need a goal said...

Hi Sue, it's always been Peterborough. I don't even know where Steelhead is, or when it is.

Colleen said...

Yay for a great week. And congrats on the weight loss! :)

Bryan Payne said...

Nice job on hitting the workouts.