Thursday, March 17, 2011

runnin' on empty

Darn it, I had pre-written half a post yesterday and when I looked for it on my computer, gone.. Argh I hate it when that happens. 

I wanted to say that I am seeing some success with this whole heart rate, slow and steady whatever you call it thing I'm doing with my running. I think most importantly I have only missed one run so far this month, consistency baby, consistency. On Tuesday I went out with the intention to run 30 minutes, I wasn't 'feeling' it. I know when am I ever 'feeling it' but I thought 30 minutes was a good compromise. I arrived home just over an hour later having completed 7.4km, go ME. Slow, yes but I felt good. The other thing I realized (and Julie has blogged about this before) is that the first 20 minutes of the run suck, it's all coughing and lung burning and start and stop but after that 20min mark I start to steady out and get into a groove. One other thing happens at the 20 minute mark religiously.. my ipod dies. ARGH! 

I have been killing spin class lately. When the intructor says 'turn it up!' get this, I actually turn it up!

I am thinking about swapping out a spin class for strength and swim sessions though. I need to continue to focus on my run so 3x per week is needed but I think I can get by with 2 bike sessions for a few weeks. Then again the Brian Smith Charity ride is at the end of May. I'm gonna have to chat with Nancy about this, coach are you reading this??   Speaking of my coach, she posted a blog/testimonial about me on her site.. Go lookie  She called it 'from couch to half ironman' and I just realized how alarmingly true that is.. OMG

One more run until rest day on Friday and I can't wait! 

that's all I got...

lookit all those checkmarks


Matty O said...

Great JOB!

Doesn't it bother you Canadians to not have even numbers like ohhhh say 8k instead of 7.4?! It would drive me nuts!!! I always run to a nice number haha.

Consistency is the key. After about 4-6 weeks you will feel GREAT. It's just getting there that is the hard part ;)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You know I like the Canadian distance charts better, it sounds like I went farther!!

Its all about the bike, thats my mantra

JohnP said...

Holy shit - she's really doing this! Look out world, this woman is on a mission! wow, great numbers! Go YOU!! :)

I commented on Nancy's blog earlier this morning when I seen it but I got moderated I think. Fuck, I wonder why?? ;) lol

JohnP said...

oh and that is one badass beaver! Fran loves beavers - do you guys got jerseys? lol

Julie said...

I love, love love the team logo! It makes me smile! Oh and a little afraid. :)

Thanks for the shout out. Keep up the great work!

I think I need to work harder on my bike. That is starting to worry me a little. Especially the century I signed up for and some of the climbs.

Off to read what your coach has to say....

She said I need a goal said...

John, we are getting tri shirts but I'm looking into getting tech running shirts made with the logo. If you guys want one I can let you know the $$. :-) My umbers suck but they are going up. Nancy lost her web person so I'm betting she doesn't know how to approve a comment.

Julie, you can do the bike, just practice. :-) I have faith in you!

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, I like my 7.4. I did consider going for the 8 to even it out but I don't care. I go as far as I can and on Tuesday is was 7.4.

BDD, you should be honorary Canadian.

Jason said...

Have you been doing dynamic stretching lately to get that HR slightly elevated before you run.

Daryl said...

Good for you to keep running a priority - thanks for the directions last night :-)