Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so I was..

Walking around singing 'it's a new dawn, a new day, a new …' nevermind.

Ending every sentence with, 'how many points is that?' They are starting to get annoyed with me at work.

Wondering when my legs will stop burning.

Excited because that means I'm hitting all my workouts hard.

Hoping that all this spin class pain (turn it up!!!) will translate to stronger quads and more efficient (less painful) hill climbing on the bike.

Not sure how I'm going to live through adding in more workouts to my schedule.

Thinking I am pretty sure I have a doctor appointment coming up but can't quite remember. I hope they call to remind me.

Listening to Eminem, yeah I'm a rapper, that's me.

Sure I qualify for an iphone upgrade by now, my phone is dying and I'm tired of fighting the urge to chuck it across the room.

Going to get a standard desktop MAC but am now thinking about a MACbook. Are they a bajillion dollars?

Interested in sponsoring a backwards giveaway, WHO WANTS TO GIVE ME A TREADMILL?!!!! anyone? hello? hellew??

Buying too much stuff over the internet, I must be stopped!! Someone take my CC please.. please… please.. (no there isn't any room left on it)

Recommending that you go over to EMZ's blog and check out her 24 hour run for charity, yup 24 hours!! Her training run is a freaking marathon. She is my hero. There's a donate button there too, just so you know.  pssssst you should totally donate,  she's running for 24 hours that's totally worth a donate...

Promising that on the same day that she does her run. May 6 (or 7) I will also run for a long time... until it hurts... I will not be running for 24 hours but definitely at least 24 minutes. 

SOOOOO happy for DST. Some people loathe it, I don't get it, it's only an hour.  And by loathe, I mean they won't stop complaining about it, it's like they've never lost an hour's sleep before.

Loving these sunny warmer days, they have me itching for spring

Meaning to ask you how can I tell how far I'm pedalling on my bike while it's on the trainer?  My computer is on my front tire, not my back tire. 

that's all I got...


Anonymous said...

"Wondering when my legs will stop burning."

A week after your half Ironman ;)

JohnP said...

HAH! It never gets any easier. You just get faster.

Oh, and what Rodney said! lol

DST. Hate the mornings, love the evenings!

Dont get me started on the BS distance on the trainer. But if really wanted to know, you can put the sensor on your back wheel instead. If it's wireless, test the range first. If its wired, check if the cable is long enough. You can splice in additional lenght if necessary.

To be honest, I'd just go buy a wireless with the proper range. Or better yet, get yourself a GPS :) Forerunner & Edge models can do the speedo/cadence accessorie wirelessly.

She said I need a goal said...

Rodney, thanks!! I don't feel any better about that.

John, is that your answer for everything, buy a GPS? broken speedometer, buy a GPS, trainer ride distance, buy a GPS? do you secretly work for a GPS company? You can explain this to me in person on Friday.

Matty O said...

LOL at Rodney haha.

Buy a Garmin 310XT, LOVE IT! Then buy the GSC10 which is the speed/cadence sensor.

THEN, stop buying stuff online ok?!

Yeah, your legs will hurt for awhile :) Keep up the good work, I don't want to come back in a week and see you gave up on making the workouts either girl!

She said I need a goal said...

I just got my Garmin305 and need to stop spending money remember.. I will just have to go on time with my trainer rides or bribe JohnP with pizza to come take a look at the computer. And not to worry I don't intend to slack off. I am happy seeing some progress (even in my running, shhhh) and I want to keep it up.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"Wondering when my legs will stop burning."

In the off season, then you decide you miss the burn and get back at it.

Like John said, it never gets easier, you just get faster

If the 310 is to expensive, get the 305, just cant swim with it, basically only difference

OK, I am finding myself adding nothing and just repeating what everone else has already said

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Oops, you got the 305, get the cadence sensor, its $40 on ebay, it tracks your indoor cycling

She said I need a goal said...

See, you ARE helpful! And I just like that you drop by and comment. I'm not nearly as popular as you.

Jason said...

I love seeing the positivity out of your workouts. That is inspiring to say the least.

A MacBook is not a bajillion and besides don't you want to be cool like me and @TheLadyBaha?!? Just Sayin'

I too love DST. What is wrong with longer days? I don't get it.

And for the bike trainer just pedal backwards.

Anonymous said...


Re:CC - get a bucket of water, put the CC in it, put in freezer. If that doesn't work, I will come and pry it out of your hands! ;)

I don't know what kind of bike computer you have, but for some you can get a "spare kit" so if you have multiple bikes you just need to move the computer. Maybe you could get something like that and put the second sensor on the back wheel?


She said I need a goal said...

Thanks D, I don't use my CC day to day, just on the web and it's conveniently pre-loaded at PayPal and Amazon... but seriously, no more..

Julie said...

My legs haven't been burning...must mean I'm not going hard enough huh?

Really like the idea of the Backwards giveaway...maybe I can try that too.

Another DST lover, however I don't see why we can't just leave it alone. Is there really a reason to change it any more?