Thursday, March 3, 2011

what did you say?

It's funny how a simple word can change how you view something. Typically on a day when I have to do a trainer session I spend most of the day dreading it. Let's face it, I spend most of the day dreading every workout, this is one reason I should really get up early and get it out of the way but getting me out of bed that early is an entirely different problem Oprah. I was talking to my pals Fran and John about my March training program and John had said that my Monday spin sessions would be hard and that my Wednesday solo trainer session would be an easy pedal. Now I realize "easy" is a relative term but everytime I would start to dread my trainer ride I would say to myself, "it's easy Wednesday, it's just an easy pedal" and sure enough I got home, got in my tri pants and did 65 minutes. Saying it was an "easy pedal" did not mean that I didn't work hard, I was definitely sweating and had a rhythm going, making it harder during commercials etc but saying "it's just an easy pedal" made all the difference in my mindset. After 65 minutes on the trainer my butt is killing me and I'll be shopping for a new saddle very soon. I had to stop 3 different times and get off the bike because my feet/lower legs had fallen asleep / gone numb. I know I say they were numb but this is not to say I didn't feel a thing because it's definitely uncomfortable.

I was checking my mail last night and there was a surprise from my friend PedalmanTO.  Another postcard!! I love getting mail that does not ask me to send money to someone. I have put it on my fridge along with my other postcards. I'm going to need more fridge magnets.

Tonight is a group run and sadly I know it won't be easy but I will get out there and push msyelf and it's always easier with a group. PLUS my running clothes are clean and smell good.. It's going to be cold tonight, I'm going for 4 layers again.

Finally, Dear President's Choice. I bought a sheet set and comforter from you a week ago. I generally love every product you sell but please do me and everyone in the world a favour, stop selling sheet and comforter sets. OH MY GOD they are the scratchiest most uncomfortable sheets I have EVER slept on. Sadly I washed them and have slept in them so I can't return them. My old comfy, soft sheets are back on the bed.

that's all I got...


Matty O said...

It's not the sheets. Sounds like you have crabs. Good luck with those little things.

Workouts are 90% mental :)

Pedalman said...

I'm loving all these rides! Nice job. Run like you stole something... wait you did! My 'admiration'.
Keep up the good work.

Jason said...

Having some mantras always helps. Yesterday I kept repeating what's his name mantra to me of 'Embrace The Pain'

Rock that run tonight.

She said I need a goal said...


PedalmanTO, I think I just got a cavity from the sweetness of that comment.

Jason, I need a mantra, hmmmmmm

Emz said...

for the

And freaking shirt?! what the heck?!

I'll check my Post office . . . maybe it was returned?! uggg.

Caratunk Girl said...

LOL @ Matty O. I hate scratchy sheets.

Julie said...

Return them anyway! :)The sheets and/or the crabs!

I've come to love the trainer, especially if it's an "easy" ride, I'll get a book and read during the ride it feels great. I too am thinking of a new saddle though. Try your/or some inserts in your bike shoes too.

Sue Sitki said...

The sun's out today - I drove in with my sunroof open - there was a rainbow!!

Pretty soon, we'll be riding OUTSIDE... just keep on smiling :)

See you out there!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I always am leery when I am told "it will be an easy ride" thats the biggest cycling lie in the world

Now its Friday, and you dont have to worry, even Weekly Ramblings Day

Colleen said...

I must have soft sheets... nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you sleep!

So much of training is between your ears! :) And there's not such thing as an easy pedal!