Friday, March 18, 2011

Ten ways I break the rules

Beth at Shut Up and Run told us to post this so I am.  I always listen to Beth, don't you??

1.  I would say I drive over the speed limit on occasion but my speedometer is broken therefore there's no proof.
2.   I don't wait an hour after eating to swim.  It depends on what I ate and how I feel.
3.   I definitely don't drink enough water.
4.   I ripped the tags off my mattresses despite the warning that it would be a legal disaster for me if i did that. 
5.   I write blogs at work (occasionally) but I turned off the thing that shows the time I post them so there's no proof. 
6.   I don't always let the oven fully preheat before I put stuff in there to cook.  Except when making yorkshires cause they don't work if you don't do everything exactly. 
7.  Sometimes I drink before noon and by drink I mean an alcoholic beverage or 2, or 3.  What like you never??
8.   Last week I would have said I skip more workouts than I should but this week I'm hardcore.
9.   At a restaurant I usually end up eating with the wrong fork but act like I'm doing it on purpose if someone calls me out. 
10.  I will use my iphone while in the bathtub but never my hair dryer.

One rule I never break is that one in the pamphlet that comes with a hair dryer, "Do not use while sleeping".  I NEVER do that.

I ran with my group last night and it was a slow painful 6km.  I think that since I haven't missed a workout I am just tired overall and that contributed to the pain.  I have a rest day today (woohoo) and tonight I'm signing up for the Peterborough 70.3 with Mrs. LoTC, at least I think it's tonight else I'll be showing up at their house unannounced and John kinda scares me. 

that's all I got...

Hopefully this will be my running view on Sunday
**for those that are asking how to turn off the 'time' feature of the time stamp go to 'Settings', 'Formatting', 'Timestamp format'.  Select the date with no time option from the dropdown. 


Julie said...

You rule breaker you!

Some runs just suck! A rest day will be good and that upcoming view looks fantastic!

Jason said...

Julie - she is not a rule breaker but a trend setter. That's what I'm going with and you are not going to convince me otherwise.

Rest days are so essential it's not even funny. I have mine today and not going to the office and catching up on all things bloggie, twitterie, facebookie this morning and it feels great.

Did you see my breakfast this morning? This will fuel your early AM runs. Check it out:

That's all I got.

ShutUpandRun said...

Okay you trend setter. Let's go and and have a few with lunch. And I'm with you I NEVER go to sleep while using my curling iron. I also don't eat pizza while it's frozen.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I dont wait an hour either

- Makes you wonder, has anyone ever been arrested for ripping a tag off a pillow or mattress, whats the crime? is there prison time? What are you in here for? Murder, you? Ripping the tag off a matteress. How much street cred do you get?

- How doesnt blog at work, I admit your the smartest one by how you do it

MissFit Island said...

Sooooo, how do you turn the time thing off?

Matty O said...

Yeah... lets turn that time stamp off now haha crap!

BDD, Street cred?! LOL now that is funny.

Loved your list, sadly I can relate to A LOT of those. I never let the dang oven preheat either, takes longer than it does to cook the food!!!

Anonymous said...

It's perfectly legal to rip mattress and pillow tags off if you are the end user of said mattress or pillow. It is not legal for a seller of said mattress or pillow to remove the tags to protect the consumer.

Sorry to dash anyone's dreams of rebellion and social disruption.

One Crazy Penguin said...

That view is awesome!

- I'm so with you on 2. I'll swim when I darn well want to. Screw you one hour rule!
- 4 made me actually laugh out loud
- Doesn't everyone do 7? No? Only me and people I know? Oops!

And I knew I was doing something wrong with the hairdryer. I though you were *supposed* to use it when sleeping. My bad.

Colleen said...

Such the rebel!

I actually saw one of those "weird addiction" shows on TLC and it was a girl who slept with her hairdryer on. She couldn't sleep without it. She had burn marks all over her and her friends were doing an intervention with her to have her sleep without it. HA! It was hysterical (yet, sad now that I think about it!)