Wednesday, March 30, 2011

so I was...

Completely unprepared for this post. Work has been swallowing my weekdays and my weekends have been way too busy! Deenie needs more downtime.

Laughing at a voicemail I got last night from my friend. He said "you're probably doing some sort of, I don't know, swimming and then shooting a gun and then beating up a shark with a hammer". I may never stop laughing. 

Relieved my friend is unhurt after a car accident last night. 

Gearing up for another super busy weekend. I may have Saturday night to myself, there will be a yummy dinner and perhaps some wine.  (are you all laughing at 'perhaps'?)

Hungry for my morning oatmeal.

Excited to be helping out at the Tri-Fair in Burlington this weekend. I was going to help out the TCoB but things got screwed up on my end (sorry Jackie) but I will get to go later in the afternoon and help out coach Nancy!!!

Also excited to be signing up for a 10km race with my trainer (different than a coach) at the beginning of May. She has not kicked my ass in quite some time, I don't miss that pain but I kinda do. She is a marathoner and will kick my ass at the race but it will be awesome to do a race with her regardless. I need to get much faster by beginning of May. 

Sad to say this will be a quickie, do ya miss me? Tonight we have spin class and tomorrow it's a run and then Saturday it's our endurance ride and Sunday my long (painful) run.

that's all I got...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- Good to hear your friend is ok

- I love the fact that you volunter

- Oh course we miss ya

Matty O said...

Perhaps?! Does China have rice????

Busy Busy Busy!!! What did you do before triathlons haha, I don't know what we did either ;)

Keep up the good work, and keep hitting those workouts!

JohnP said...

Thats cool that you are volunteering!

It looked interesting right up to the point where they think someone will spend $50 just so I can listen to sales pitches by mostly uber-amateurs(I looked up each company from the vid).

They should make it $10 or free and the traffic they get will boost there little businesses w/ awareness. Just sayin'

Glad to see you're stickin to the training program! Go you! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha @ you perhaps beating up a cab/merlot while hammered.

That's what it said right?

Go go homeyslice!

Julie said...

Sounds like a great weekend...especially the good dinner and wine part!

Jason said...

quickies are ok so long as it is quality.....

Happy to hear that your friend is ok.

Awesome that you volunteer.

And are you so busy beating up sharks with hammers as the reason that you cut this short??? That is a funny voice mail.

Caratunk Girl said...

so happy to hear your friend is OK.

Funny voice mail! ha ha

One Crazy Penguin said...

Boo for being absent. I demand more posts! :p

Volunteering this weekend sounds like a blast though. Can't wait to hear about it!