Wednesday, March 23, 2011

so I was...

Surprised when out of the blue I thought 'oh I can't wait for my long run on Sunday'.. And then immediately thought WTF?

Wondering where Adena went.

Contemplating my weeks in terms of how close I am to Friday rest day. For example today is not "Wednesday" but "2 more workouts til rest day". It may actually be 3 if Sonja makes me swim after spin tonight.

Grateful for a lovely email I got from a woman about my blog this week. 

Wishing everyone could have a community of people like the tri/running/cycling community to blog/tweet/facebook/train with.

Looking for my paper training schedule. I took it off the wall at work to take home on the weekend and it's gone missing. I had so many awesome checkmarks!

Also looking for my work access card, it's nowhere to be found. I may be arrested, they take this kinda thing very seriously, well the guy in charge of the cards does.

Happy that "Q on the move" is BACK!

I love the Pinarello.. 
Recommending you follow my friend Jackie on twitter. She competed in Kona last year, she's hardcore.  She lent me the "Pin" last season so I could see if I would even like triathlons and I hold her 50% responsible for what's happened to me.

Listening to music on my brand spankin' new iPod. Why is it I like listening to music on this iPod even though it's all the same music?

Watching videos on my new iPod!! I couldn't watch them on my old one, the screen was smashed.

Laughing at my coach, she is too funny. If you haven't seen the video for the Brian Smith Charity Ride please click, she dances at the end.

Asking that you sign up for the charity ride on May 29th.  If you can't ride or don't want to (why the heck wouldn't you there's gonna be COOKIES at all the rest stops), please consider volunteering.  We still need people to drive with/behind the cyclists.  If you are interested please contact me for details. 

Looking forward to learn and burn this week at Millcroft, it's about heart rate training. I will be learning but not burning, it's a rest day for me!!

Excited that after learn and burn is a team party at the coaches house.

More excited that after 4 months Amazon finally notified me that my other 2 copies of Beth Hart's My California have shipped.

Thinking I am not happy with, it is so slow to load and I still can't find things. It's probably just me.

Contemplating a new tracking system, but maybe I don't need more than pen, paper and a highlighter.

My friend Amanda was cleaning her fridge this weekend and found this.  I don't like olives. 

that's all I got...


Julie said...

I just love these posts! :)

It is great that you have such a good group of people around you. It makes the training easier and more enjoyable!

Love the cat in the refrigerator!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice, I love these

I use for my workouts, its simple, easy to use, provides reports, you can sync your garmin to it for easy uploading. Just an suggestion

I did end up writing a post, not one on about you, but I will put in a post, when? you will have to wait and see

Pamela Hutchins said...

You are NOT looking forward to your long run, are you? That's a sickness Adena. Check in for treatment. You could end up like me, if you're not careful...dun dun dun dUNNNNN.

Matty O said...

ummmmm who DOES like olives? Just wondering.

Well you have the bug, life is operated and thought of in terms of triathlons haha.

Wait until you view your train ride to work walk as a huge transition... that will be classic haha.

how many copies of Beth Hart do you really need?! Yeah, I just asked that.

She said I need a goal said...

Julie, you are part of my awesome community!! I loved the cat in the fridge too, haha.

BDD, I noticed you didn't post about me. I may have to revoke your Canadian status unless you go drink a lot of beer RIGHT NOW. Thank you for the link to buckeyeoutdoors. I don't feel nearly fierce enough to post there, lol. I'll check it out.

Pamela, I know. As soon as I thought about it I gave myself a stern talking to. Then again I wouldn't mind being like you at all.

Matty, I need at least 2 copies of every Beth CD. They are hard to get and I always need a back up. I can't even get this stuff on itunes. Now that I have an ipod I'm a little less paranoid about the CDs. Occasionally I will give them to friends that I have converted into Beth lovers (that's what I did with the first copy of this CD).

Quinton J said...

Awwwwww shucks!

One Crazy Penguin said...

This post is so happy and upbeat that it makes me smile :)

Also, I hate olives too. Bleh.

MandyB said...

obviously we like olives in our house ;) and fresh kitty cat.

JohnP said...

Following her now.

I just use cuz its easy working with the GPS.

Thats a sexy bike, but I like yours better! That was very nice of her to lend it, I'm sure you'll be cursing her name out on the HIM course for getitng you into this haha!

'Olives' is the name of the cat ;)

Caratunk Girl said...

Holy shit, she needs to go shopping if all she has in her fridge is a jar of olives and a cat.


Daily Mile is sometimes good and sometimes sucky for me. I have stuck with it because I can figure out my weekly totals on it but I can't comment on it like it is Facebook like some folks do.

I love So I was...

Jason said...

My apologies for being late to this party, but I was ACTUALLY closing deals yesterday. So I Was closing three sales and missed your So I Was but thrilled because this in the interweb and So I Was thinking how long it would take to comb through your posts to find it.

This is a great list btw. Loved them all.

You are a super duper rockstar.

She said I need a goal said...

Q, I'm still happy!!!

OCPenguin, I'm glad you like this post and that you also hate olives. I knew I liked you.

MandyB, you do like olives, that is a supersize jar of em.

JohnP, glad you are following Jackie but not sure if she'll tweet much. I love that, MandyB, rename the cat Olives!!!!!

CaratunkGirl (the other Mandy), it's true she needs to shop. Would Bailey fit in your fridge? You'd have to take that jar of olives outta there right.

Jason, so I was glad you made it! I do these for you so you should feel absolutely obligated to pay attention to me. So I was also impressed at your deal closing and the use of the words 'super duper'. I love super duper anything!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Amanda's picture! I have a memory of Calvin climbing in the fridge when he was just a kitten. Cats are weird. :)

Also, woo hoo for Beth CDs!