Wednesday, March 9, 2011

so I was...

Good morning, oatmeal, coffee and email
Chatting with a friend on another website about life and all that and she said "Funny that. We'd probably be on the verge of some deeply profound, life altering epiphany here if only we didn't drink so much. :p" I love her.

Impressed that the co-workers in my area have gone heathly, no more junk food, it's oatmeal all round.

Amazed at how slow a running pace I have to keep to keep my heart rate below 150. I ran for 40 minutes last night and my avg heart rate was 143. I hear I will get faster with practice but my god I barely got around the corner.

Bummed to come in after 4km but I needed the ummmm bathroom if you know what I mean. That's never happened before!

Looking forward to spin class with Sonja tonight.

Dreading the run group with Sonja tomorrow.

Kicking some ass and hitting all my workouts this week, two more til my rest day.. Woot!

Reading "Brain Training for Runners" hoping it will take the whine out of my runs.

Asking for people to send me 'so I was' entries because I am running out of things to post but I asked my twitter friends and I can't post anything they sent me.

Planning to get back for my first swim of the year on Saturday before or after my endurance ride with the team. I may die.

Laughing my head off at Elmo and the Cookie Monster on an episode of Top Chef. I felt like a 5yr old.  Cooooookkiiieeee!!! 

Honest this morning when I went to purchase a new coffee 'go mug' and the guy wasn't going to charge me. The guy behind me told me should have kept my mouth shut.

Thinking I need one more follower so I feel a little less dirty, I'm at 69 now.

Counting down to the Cupcake Marathon!!!

Wishing it was Friday already

that's all I got...


Matty O said...

yeah HR stuff was REALLY frustrating the first month for me. Body gets used to it and you will be happy.

Ironically Brain Training I think does NOT like HR training. Interesting? So I am taking bits and pieces from it.

Way to go on hitting the workouts, I can't yell at you now.

You put the wrong cookie monster picture in your blog :)

MissFit Island said...

I loved the cookie monster and elmo episode too. I just couldn't figure out how they were really going to judge. I was sorry to see Dale go. I was hoping he'd make it tot he end.

JohnP said...

HR trainnig is maximum ghey. Maybe if AFTER you're a seasoned athlete then you can alter the plan to concentrate on HR training but until then I think it's silly.

U need to learn more about your body first, actually find the zones in training & competition & then you can talor a plan to train in them. There is no way you know your maximum HR or aerobic zones right now, you may be cheating yourself.

I think there is a real medical test to find your zones but I'd reserve that for pro's since its like $1500

If someone handed you a training plan telling you what HR you should be at during your exercise, please smack them upside the head for me. There is no way they know your body like that.

Use Perceived Exertion to measure oneself. Monitor the HR over PE and distance to learn what your body is doing.

She said I need a goal said...

John, to be clear by no means am I looking into heart rate training for me to "tweak" anything or from an 'athletic' point of view. My problem is that I start to run and my heart rate increases to 175 (max) and then I have to stop/walk. Once I've hit my max it doesn't take long to get it back there once I start running again so I'm using the term heart rate training but perhaps inappropriately. I need to learn to run at a heart rate that doesn't make me want to collapse. I'm getting nowhere just going out and running. If you have a better solution, I'm all ears.

juanitagf said...

Enjoyed your post. I don't train with a HR monitor for that very reason--I would end up walking all the time...

Daryl said...

Glad your workouts are on a roll this week. See you Saturday for our endurance ride!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I want to see cookie monster on Top Chef, I need to find out when its replays

Julie said...

Counting down to the cupcake marathon too! Win or no win if I do the miles I've got planned I'm having cupcakes!

HR's I watch mine but have learned not to pay to much attention. When I did I became a very, very, very slow runner...

How are those inserts working for you?

Jason said...

So I Was thinking that I never saw a tweet about wanting a So I Was from the public. Golly I wish I had.

And yes you will gain speed by running in lower zones to build up your base. No doubt.