Monday, April 4, 2011

(non) Mommie, that's me

the Mommies are BACK!!
Still not feeling like blogging much but I did have a fun weekend. Friday night was spent with two of my best friends, they have never met and there was much laughing and more laughing and more laughing, oh and some wine drinking. We were up late so I slept in and didn't make my endurance ride. We went for breakfast because nothing cures a slight wine headache more than a bucket of coffee and a basket o'bacon. Off to our appointment, then I dropped her at the GO station before I headed out to our local Burlington Triathlon fair.

I was helping out at the Second Wind Conditioning tent and when I arrived I was really excited to see my Mommies in Motion teammates! Gail was stretching (doing the pretzel) after a long run. I saw some of the TCoB folks but I don't really know any of them, well I know Jackie but that's about it. I did snag a free tech tshirt from them. I saw Paula from Foottools, which is my favourite local running shop and bought some new goggles that she said are 'the best ever!!!!!' and those no tie laces for my shoes. By the time I got home I was exhausted and just relaxed on the couch for the evening. I could have gotten my trainer out of the trunk of my car, my bike trainer not Nancy, and ridden for a while but I gave that idea the proverbial finger. It's been ages since I had a few hours in a row to myself to do nothing.

Sunday I was up late again, I thought when you got old you were supposed to naturally wake up at 5am or something but apparently if you are me you need 12 hours of sleep. I went to the grocery store and picked up a load of yummy good food, and came home and started to work. I spent the afternoon working and doing laundry and then the early evening cooking lunches for the week and my dinner. When I went to log off my computer I realized that I had been working with an out of date plan and I had to review the whole thing over again. Thankfully there weren't many changes that needed to be made.

Nancy or Elvis?
So it's Monday and I'm back to work and my training plan for this week is killer, I'm up to about 9 or 10 hours this week and I'll be testing out those new goggles in the pool on Wednesday night. I wast thinking about taking the Yoga class after my spin class tonight but me doing Yoga at all is bad enough, me doing yoga in cycling pants? Priceless.. NOT gonna happen. 

How was your weekend?

that's all I got...

OMG I LIED!!  My awesome friend Jason at Cooktraineatrace participated in his first 70.3 this weekend and came in with a blistering finish time.  I am SO proud of Jason!!  and I'm humbled to be a part of team BAHA, but am I Angel or Ninja?  Goofball is more like it.



Julie said...

What kind of goggles did you get?

Sounds like you have a great week coming up. We're in a recovery week effective immediately, but next weekend..OY!

VanAwesome! said...

Hey girl it was wicked to see you again. You make me excited to get out there more and I don't feel so alone doing it :)
I WILL be running to the pool Wed night, rain, sun OR snow so 'll get a left back with you then :)...SO looking forward to it !!!

Matty O said...

Holy crap woman... I am at like 8-10hrs of training a week and you are already passing me! Sheesh, you must be hardcore or something ;)

Yeah, surprisingly I thought about ditching the blog for a week... I get like that when I am super busy though.

Your mission this week, no bailing on workouts!!!!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Goofball is definitely the right word! Especially if we could ever be in the same place and wear awesome mismatched outfits.

What training plan are you using right now?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, what a great weekend you had

BTW, the second picture, I am pretty sure our legs are NOT designed to flex, twist, and do that way

Emz said...

Loving the photos.

Loving your awesome training.


YAY Jason!!

JohnP said...

Did I read that right?

You skipped Saturday AND Sunday's workout?

tsk tsk! :)

You're so awesome for volunteering at the tri-fair. The community needs more awesome people like you! Good for you!

Julie said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! And fun! Hope your working out today!

Colleen said...

While everyone is giving you grief about skipping the workouts, I say "you go girl". Looks like life is handing you enough fun for a few days!

And yay for Jason!