Monday, October 25, 2010

is this thing on?

Just a quick test of my running route from Saturday to see if this works.  John told me how to embed the pic into my blog but this is the same "IT" guy that barely figured out how to put a counter in his blog. (hahaha)

No laughing at how slow I am.  On Saturday I actually ran alot more than i normally do atlhough my time never seems to get any better.   


Matty O said...

keeping up with technology... nice :)

As long as you are out there doing your workouts your times don't matter! Unless you have secret goals and then they matter.

She said I need a goal said...

My goal, secret and otherwise is just to show up.. one day I will get faster but at the moment I'm absolutely flabbergasted that I can go 8km at all. :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats pretty cool

Caratunk Girl said...

Adena, you rock - getting out there is key, if anyone gives you any flack, send them my way. I will lay the smack down on them :)

That is pretty darn cool technology. I am still in the 20th century...ha ha

She said I need a goal said...

BDD I love that i can see the route because I was completely lost as my friend dragged me around. I can also do 'playback' of my run and see heart rate, elevation and pace charts. Nerdx100

Mandy, thank you. I will get faster, my poor lungs just need some practice. It's interesting to note that I ran most of the 8km at 91% of my max heart rate. That is just nuts! I feel like I should have burned a bajillion calories.

ree_ti_ree said...

Seems like you got into a very high heart rate zone. That's some serious work. Way To SIU !!

She said I need a goal said...

r_t_r, I wish I could figure out how to run with my heart rate lower. That's how I run all the time and it can't be good. Hopefully with practice I can run like a normal person.

Brybrarobry said...

nice run, I see you came through my neck of the woods and covered a lot of ground.


She said I need a goal said...

Hi B, I was completely lost on the run, we started at my friend's house and she dragged(?) me around.

ree_ti_ree said...

Here's an idea: Make a schedule so you don't have all or nothing approach. Example:

Mondays: Just pics/vids from prev. week.

Tue: Lay-out weeks goals/plans

Wed: Post progress on goals/plans

Thurs: Goofy stuff that has happenend.

Fri: Comment day, you take and return comments (harrasment)

Sat: Party blog. Assuming you're hammered and stuck inside, update with party posts.

Sun: whatever, or rest day.