Monday, October 18, 2010

Sort of...

Well after pretty close to a perfect weekend I am happy to report:
MASS shopping spree - check!
8km run - check!
15km recovery cycle - check!

When I first met the woman from TCOB (who just finished Kona not far behind Bryan I might add) we were talking about biking and she mentioned that she would come biking with me as she needed to 'spin her legs' and do some recovery after riding 180kms for training that day.  In the past, from this coach potato,  I had never heard anything so ridiculous. I would pretty much pat myself on the back for getting off the coach to walk to the fridge after walking to the store.  After my run on Saturday which was my longest run to date, double my usual mileage, my legs were toast.  My quads were a burning mess, my shins a disaster, my hamstrings refused to speak to me and my knees were bulging out of their sockets and I never knew I had hip flexors until they were screaming at me while I was sitting down, WTF!! So on Sunday my coach had advised rather than do the tri training with the group I should do a recovery bike ride and 'spin my legs'.  After some coffee and a GU gel, because I wasn't feeling very breakfasty I headed out, well hobbled out the front door with George in tow.   I did 15km  ride along the lake and it was absolutely gorgeous.  While my legs still hurt they did start to feel better.  I got home and the hobble was gone and I was feeling amazing!  That is until I realized that I had about 5 loads of laundry to do, the machines are downstairs, the dirty clothes were upstairs and stairs still kinda hurt.  But I get it, I see how this recovery stuff works now.

Today after work I had last minute dinner plans which I had totally forgotten about and then I had to make some stops on the way home so tonight became an unplanned rest day that I am swapping for Friday so I thought I'd do some dresser drawer rearranging.  I am starting to get more training clothes and gear and gadgets and I can never remember where the heck anything is so I decided to organize!  The only question, sort by sport or sort by type of clothing (shirts, shorts, pants)?  After some deliberation I decided I would sort by sport, a running drawer, a cycling drawer and an odds and ends (socks, RUNderwear, gadget) drawer!  I also realized that while I will often wear running shirts cycling I never wear cycling shirts running, is that weird?   So there you have it, I'm all sorted and organized and I know wear my Garmin chest strap is (right this minute).  #WIN!  And oh my gawd when did I become THIS person, THIS person that is getting excited about sport focused drawers??  Remember when I used to post about fun stuff like friends throwing TVs at my feet?  oh the good ol' days!   or how about when my friends almost burned down my house?  What happened to THAT girl huh?

And no I'm not telling you how slow my run was, trust me it was SLOW.  I can say the first half was much better than the second half but I have absolutely no clue how on earth I'll ever be able to do a half marathon in February.  It feels like an impossibility now but talk to me after my next 8km run this coming weekend.

That's all I got!
Whoops, I lied, I wanted to mention that I met the coolest lady Pamela at the lake after I finished my ride.  She came over to check out George as I was putting him back in the rack and we got to chatting and she's a triathlete with a super cool TREK bike with the tires that cost twice what my bike costs and she was really sweet and we chatted for ages. I want to be just like her one day.  She was going out to Grimsby or thereabouts for a nice afternoon ride, maybe do 70 or 80km.  Nice job Pamela, you rock!!!!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I suggest a good compression recovery tight to wear to sleep, its wells with recoveries. Also ice baths, foam rollers, the stick, all help.

Doru said...

Congrats on finishing your longest run to date! 8Km is a long run. You have plenty of time until February to train for the half-marathon.

Anonymous said...

Well done on your longest run... Keep up the great work.. I have to get back into as well. I did got for a trail run on the weekend so that is a start!
Looking forward to Friday! See you then! :)
Mrs. Lotc

Anonymous said...

Hooray for 8km run! That's awesome. And I love how you're organizing your stuff. I have a long list of bike stuff to get this winter (I'm turning into one of *those* people, eep!)...I may have to borrow the technique. :)


JohnP said...

I've been lucky enough to have lived in a home that came equipped with a magic closet for the past 10+ years. I'd tell you where you can get one, but I've been lucky that my place just came pre-equipped. :)

She said I need a goal said...

BDD, do you think I need compression tights, I'm not doing big mileage. With all your suggestions I may need an entire closet!!

Doru, thank you, I don't feel like I have plenty of time but I'll keep practicing. One thing i have noticed is that you should never say never!

Mr. LOTC, thank you! Good job on the trail run. I am looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday.

D, you have loads of shopping ahead of you!! and it's all fun!

John, honestly you do NOT deserve that woman, now go buy her a bike!! How many times I gotta tell ya.

Caratunk Girl said...

Congrats on getting the bike and run in!! You have been so consistent!! Keep up the great work!

I need to get organized.

Eric Hutchins said...

Yahhhhhh way to go, you are really doing great.