Friday, November 19, 2010

Fast fail, and I DO mean quick

Ok, obviously I did not complete 2 days of fasting so I thought I better hop on and just get that out right now.  Why obviously?  Umm have you met me?  Yesterday I had a salad when I got home from work which I think is ok.  They did list leafy greens, apple and almonds among the things you can eat if you felt too hungry.  Yeah yeah, so I morphed that into a pear and blue cheese salad but I went super easy on the dressing.  All in all the day was good though, I felt light and not overly famished and more in control.

Today started off well but landed me at another salad by noon.  I am going to continue with the cleanse, moving onto the shake days starting tomorrow.  There are two more non-food days next Thurs/Fri and I'm hoping for more success.  In the meantime I got some news yesterday and made a rather large shift in my life and that kicked off a flurry of events which I can't write about now but I can say it's all good on that front so don't worry.  If you really want to know what's going on, feel free to email me and I'll spill the beans.

Did I mention I'm on vacation?  For 2 weeks?  No where to go except out for rides on George and to Millcroft for some Yoga and maybe a bootcamp or two.  I would like some good weather please.

That's all I got.


Teamarcia said...

Enjoy the vacation time!

Brybrarobry said...

I like the idea of eating regular food instead anyway. Just try to eat healthy, with the least amount of torture.

Enjoy the holidays.


Pamela Hutchins said...

I gain weight when I fast. It's psychological, but I just get obsessed with food. Good luck. You are a stronger women than I. The only way I lose is when I get sick, ha ha.

Matty O said...

I have a few tricks I used to lose weight. DO NOT put salad dressing on the salad. Dip your fork in the dressing then stab the lettuce.

Don't use any condiments. (Those are the things like ketchup and mustard, use condoms, don't want babies running around only to have you say, "but you said...")

If you eat a lot of eggs, only make the egg whites.

No pop. NO POP AT ALL!

When I started dieting, I took all my portions and cut them in half. After a week or two my body was used to it.

Good luck. It is hard.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its tough, but you can do it, besides enjoy the vacation first

VanAwesome! said...

OMG!!! woman what are you doing to your body!!!??? NEEDS food girl!

If you are looking for a bootcamp butt kick come out with me this Sun! My weight trainer is doing a group butt kick and letting us bring our family and friends to it (no weights involved since we will be at a different place) you just pay $5 and bring a canned food :D

Come ON! GREAT way to start your Sun feeling Awesome about yourself.

It's just at Brant Hills Community centre on Brant Street...message me!

Quinton J said... THAT'S more like it. I'm with Bryan on this one.