Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm VIP, true story

Today John mentioned on twitter that I had been quiet and he might be worried about me.  He also made a crack that 'I smell', wtf dude, I thought we were friends?  Anyway I thought I'd poke my head in for quick hihowareya.

In life news, as of Friday I resigned from my position at my present (old) employer as I had accepted another position.  My old company treated me well and I met loads of amazing people but this new position looks to have alot of good learning in it and I'm excited for this new challenge.  I'm less excited about commuting back to the city but I'll get over that bit.  So I'm on vacation until I start the new job on Dec 6 which means I have ALL  the time in the world to sleep in AND train AND catch up on blogs AND cook good healthy food, NONE of which I have done. To be honest the events of the last week have fried me a little bit and I'm feeling a bit sick at my stomach but I'm going to get over it and fast. The best thing I can think of to cure this is to get off y butt and do something, anything!  Tomorrow.. hahah I keep saying that but this time I mean it.  I'm even promising here and now on this blog to get out for a good run tomorrow.  If weather does not permit then I'll take a class at Millcroft but I think I'll be ok.

So instead of doing all that great stuff I have been puttering a bit around the house and getting some paperwork done for the new job and listening to far too much of The Heidi and Frank show. These guys had a radio show that I started listening to a few years back but then talk radio went to hell and they were off the air, then they went to AM which just sucked but now they are podcasting daily.  I became a VIP member of their site and have been catching up on the shows they have done since they started in October.  My new commute into work will work out well because I will be able to download their shows and listen on my ipod or iphone on the way to and from work.  These guys are highly inappropriate and make me snort coffee out my nose at least once a day, they are gonna love me on the GO train!

Then Bryan had his BIG announcement on his blog today, he's moved it here and it's the colour of beer!!!! He is charging a small monthly fee now but I would have to say, (even if I didn't have a free lifetime membership) that it's WELL worth the small fee he's charging.  I have been a faithful reader for almost a year now and my days are not the same if I'm not reading what he's up to, if only to feel better about myself.  I would also have to say that if not just for the blog but the comments are worth the monthly fee alone!  Anyway, if you don't believe me, he has over 1000 free entries  you can read through that are still available and then decide.  His best entries are the ones where he mentions me directly.. haha just kidding!  And if you think you won't like the blog because it's just about triathlon stuff, believe me, it's not.

So I have some running and reading to do tomorrow and I'm excited for our half ironman training kickoff ride on Saturday this week.

That's all I got!!!

ps, to those that copy parts of this blog, I guess one could say that imitation is the highest form of flattery OR one could say, get your own life... kthnxbye 


Jerry said...

Very interesting blog you have. I stumbled upon you through the Next Blog> option albeit a few clicks. I'm interested in training for a triathlon but, haven't garnered the the mental strength yet to pursue.

I will follow you & continue to read your back blogs. Maybe it will help sway me after reading you & all your followers comments.


She said I need a goal said...

Hi Jerry, thank you for reading and commenting. If I can do this, anyone can. Don't be intimidated, it's fun!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I dont get the PS part? What happened?

She said I need a goal said...

BDD, a person was been copying content, not that it's a huge deal because this may be the most boring blog in the universe but it was annoying. They have apologized.