Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Whole lotta Rosie

I was going to title this blog a whole lotta nothing but that’s boring and I much prefer the AC/DC song so what the heck. Despite the lack of anything interesting going on in my general life re training or otherwise there have been some goings on in my world.

Hot on the heels of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner I won another blog giveaway!  If only someone would give away a million bucks...  This one was hosted by the amazing Emz. She had posted some cool prizes on her page and I commented on the post  to out Matty-O about the fact that he eats cookie dough by the tub and guess what, I freaking won!!  So I won the best prize ever which is a Punk Rock Racing t-shirt. How cool is that! This girl is hardcore!! She even ran a FIFTY MILE trail race, go read her race report, it's spectacular. In fact here entire blog is fantastic so grab a coffee and start catching up, TOTALLY worth the time.

In other news in case you haven’t heard, Bryan has announced that he is going to stop blogging.

He’s giving up blogging.

He is





That doesn’t even make sense to me, how can I possibly start my day if he’s not posting something crazy or inspiring or completely inappropriate? I am really hoping that he is going to be the “WHO” of the blog world, you know, ‘say’ he’s retiring but then he’ll keep coming back anyway.  Or was that Cher?  A girl can dream and in the meantime there's always twitter.

Many of you have asked what my tattoo means. It's funny because I had the phrase translated to Finnish so that people wouldn’t know what it says but apparently everyone wants to know. Despite what ree_ti_ree googled, it does not mean “Cheap what is inside you”. Thank you typo… It does mean “What you want is in you”. For years I knew I wanted a tattoo and I knew I wanted a meaningful phrase but I had never heard anything that I wanted scraped painfully into my skin permanently. Then several months ago I was struggling with training, I do that a lot, but back then someone said this to me, “what you want is in you” and it stuck. If you dig far enough into my blog you’ll even find the entry. Over the months when something seemed hard or I didn’t feel like doing something I would hear this mantra in my head and it kept me going. I knew once I finished my first sprint tri that this would be the saying I would put on my arm. I had it translated to Finnish for a few reasons. Mostly I didn’t want the English words just hanging out there, don’t ask me why I just didn’t. My grandmother was from Finland and my grandfather was from Denmark so I figured it would be a nice tribute to them if I got it translated to one or the other. Well the Danish translation was UGLY so Finnish it is.   And by the way, yes it still hurts..  I had been contemplating a few other tattoos but after the pain of this one, I think I'm done.  Except when I do the half ironman, I'll get the unofficial 70.3 Mdot for that.

That's all I got!


Emz said...

You are so freaking awesome.

And agreed.

what gives Bryan?! Hhopefully he's pulling a Brett Favre. ;)

JohnP said...

My money is on him pulling 'I was going to retire, but by popular demand I couldnt let my fans down so I am returning just for them. I am the best. Pat me on my back and tell me how much you all love me. I am the best!'
That's how I see it playing all out anyhow. :)

I checked out Emz blog but I couldn't string a single sentence together on the whole thing. It screamed chaos and pictures and weird schtuff. I'll check back later lol.

Get your ass training damnit! You only have 249 days left to train!! That's not much at all, it creeps up on you real fast!

Teamarcia said...

What you want is in you. That's deep and so true. I hope!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I liked the tattoo

Brybrarobry said...

I love the comments. haha.

Are you sure the advice wasn't "what you need goes in you?" hahaha.


ree_ti_ree said...

Halvat = "Cheap", Haluat = "To" Sure looked like "Halvat" on your arm, (which would be funny), but if you insist it's Haluat, then so it is.

Pamela said...

In 2013, I am sooooooo getting the MDot.
Loved this blog about nothing ;)

Quinton J said...

Hahaha...it wont last long. Bryan depends on the money he brings in from his beer fund which is heavily advertised on his blog. He's just pulling a Jay-Z.

Matty O said...

HAHAHA Loved Bryan's comment!

Adena, I am on my third tub of cookie dough now. I don't know why I have this sudden craving but it is starting to tear my family apart! H doesn't get it.

She said I need a goal said...

How did I miss responding to you guys.. sheesh

Emz, no YOU are!

JohnP, go buy your wife a bike AND go back to Emz's blog and start with the 50 mile race report. I bet you cry.

Teamarcia, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I love the saying too, I think it's true!

BDD, thank you.

Bryan, there are a few tattoo ideas I have for you, hahahaha.

ree_ti_ree, I have to admit I was a bit scared but I checked the translation several times. I definitely don't want a real Finnish person to look though cause I'm sure it doesn't translate the same way at all.

Quinton, we should st art a pool on how long before Bryan is back.

Matty_0, har har Bryan is SO funn7. I need cookie dough here but all we have is pillsbury. I want Nestle!

ree_ti_ree said...

Yup, I've found "Google Translate" to be very inaccurate at times. It's a weak 'literal' algorithm, and misses the actual meanings. So, I'm sure you got it correctly. I really did think the "U" was a "V". Heart rate monitor much? haha.