Thursday, November 18, 2010

I may not be smart

So last year I tackled a sprint tri and quitting smoking.  I succeeded at both, go ME.  We are still in 'last year' because last year is still this year but I feel like my year ended after the race, you get my drift. right?  I am 113 days smoke free, no small feat and thankfully I did not cave last weekend thanks to my awesome twitter and facebook friends but that's beside the point. 

Today's point is that now I need to tackle the weight. I would be happy to lose 30 pounds, ecstatic to lose 40. I don't even want to be a size 6 anymore, I want to be fit and HEALTHY and race faster.  I am an emotional eater, always have been, it's not pretty.  Now I am fit AND overweight, my worst nightmare.  Lately my stress levels have been high, work and life so my eating has not been great and worse it's just getting more and more out of control.  I need(ed) to put the brakes on.  Since apparently I am incapable of simply eating smart and clean for even a single day I decided a more strict effort is required.  So, I started a 9 day cleanse, go big or go home right?  Have you not seen my gigantic tattoo??   haha  Now before ya get all 'don't be drinking the lemon maple syrup drink' on me let me say, it's only 9 days and 4 actual days of fasting.  I fast for 2 days at the start and 2 days at the end and in the 5 days in between you do eat real food and some yummy(?) shakes. If you get too hungry they have a list of good options to choose from. 

 So I'm half a day into day 1 of the cleanse and I'm starving!  That is to be expected but just so you know, if you ever decide to do a cleanse, I do NOT recommend visiting any of the following sites:

The Pioneer Woman
Kayotic Kitchen
Trashy Eats

and for the love of gawd DO NOT visit The Daily Bacon dont' click it.. no don't.. oh wait YOU can, I can't.

We can all start to see why I have food issues right?  OY  So, for those asking I'm on the 9day cleanse by Isagenix, I have done this one before.  For those betting, I have made it approx 6 hours so far.  Is noon too early to go to bed?

You can bet that I will not last the full two days OR that I will flip out before the end of day tomorrow, it's a crap shoot really.

That's all I got.

oops, one more thing, I noticed that I have 40 followers which to me is just astounding that people would stop by to read and then take the time to follow me.  So in the words of Matty_O, thanks for reading!!!!  No really, thanks!!


Matty O said...

Holy Crap you are a nut! I have done 2 body cleanses... NONE have required fasting, I made sure that this was not a pre-requisite haha! If I am hungry I am a complete asshole.

SO, for H's sake, I make sure that I can eat when I do them.

Good for you jumping head first into this. Just make sure there is water in the pool before you jump... does that make sense? Meaning, don't go do this and suffer and then go back to regular eating styles.

It helps if you have someone you see daily take on the same goals as yourself, so I would con... I mean, find a friend, to go at this with you. You can keep each other accountable.

It took me about 10-14 days to lose my sugar cravings. Those do me in every time.

Good Luck Girl!

She said I need a goal said...

I'm not completely fasting. I get to drink this really disgusting berry flavoured stuff 4x per day AND I have to eat 8 'snacks' per day, they are chocolate flavoured chalk... err candy like things. If I get too hungry they recommend an apple (small) and a bit of peanut butter or leafy greens. I'll see how I feel later.

Thanks for the support though, you are awesome.

Matty O said...

I just figured it out. They will force you to eat shitty food for 9 days so that mentally you will never want to eat again. "Anorexia in a box" ???

HAHA, no prob. I know how hard it is. I have ZERO self control... period. I fail at dieting after a day typically.

JohnP said...

Fasting, I dont know how that helps anything. I'm not a dietician/nutritionistest but I know what worked for me. I'll share it sometime with you if u feel like taking non-certfied advice lol.

Screw you for that bacon link. You're not helping my cravings and I simply could not resist clicking on it!! lol :)

Emz said...

OOMGosh cleanse? You are better than me. I tried one --- last 4 yes, 4 hours. Endurance cleansing is not for me.

Sarah said...

Take a look here -
I did the food version of this last year about a year ago (there is a kit version too) and took off about 15# that has stayed off. You get to eat real food and the online support community is fantastic. Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Caratunk Girl said...

I am a bad cleaner. I mean, I brush my teeth and shower and stuff, but I am with Emz on the cleanse thing. You rock - good luck, you can totally do it.

Damn you and The Daily Bacon. I didn't know that existed and I had to click the link.

And ofcourse you have 40 followers, you are freaking awesome. :)

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

sounds like isogenix. my wife did the 30 day cleanse. its tough but once you get used to it, the weight drops off but the key is keeping it off

good luck and drink lots of water

Johan Stemmet said...

Awesome job with the smoking and training, just one more.

Do it little by little, no need to loose a lot of weight in a short time.
Good luck with your 9 day plan, I believe if you can quit smoking, losing weight will be a breeze


Brybrarobry said...

A, good luck with the cleanse, nothing like that to get things kick started. I once paid $2000 to go to a fasting resort where they fed you water and gave enema's every day. I like your approach much better. haha.

I remember the first 2-3 days being the toughest, then it got easier.

Go girl.


She said I need a goal said...

John, the fasting isn't meant to do anything regarding weight or nutrition but simply get my face out of the fridge for a few days and hopefully regain a bit of control and yes I would love to hear more about the JP plan.

Emz, I ended up having a salad last night so I'm hoping I'll do better today. Tomorrow I EAT!

Sarah, thank you for the link.

Mandy, thanks for the comments, I really just want to be like YOU!! The daily bacon is alarming and intriguing isn't it?

MBTB, yes this is Isagenix, hoping for a little kick start and then move onto healthy, clean eating.

Johan, thank you!

Bry, you are kidding right?

Ironman By Thirty said...

Make that 41 followers. I'm a new follower - found you via MattyO and Training Payne.

Good luck with cleanse and your goal!

ShutUpandRun said...

Hats off to you. I don't think I could do a cleanse. I think I'd kill someone.

She said I need a goal said...

IBT, thank you for following, 41 is a very important number! I am following you on twitter now too.

SUAR, well I didn't make it through quite as cleanly as I had hoped. I'll post more details later today. But no one died or was injured in this process.

Anonymous said...

Way to be strong and want to pursue a long, healthy, athletic lifestyle! I am not sure I could do a cleanse and I know that John definitely could not do one. You do not want to be around he's hungry. ;)
You are awesome!
p.s. I am resisting from looking at the bacon link.. We’ll see how long that lasts. LOL

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I couldnt help it. I clicked on bacon, now I want bacon, dang it, i should have listened to you

Quinton J said...

40 because the rest of the blog world hasn’t yet uncovered this hidden gem. Congrats on both of your successes last year. Mostly on the smoking. Not taking away from your tri…but we endureance athletes are familiar with human potential and I knew you could do a tri before I even knew YOU. But smoking is a tough one. I’ve never smoked…but know many people who either struggle trying to quit or spend their days convincing themselves that it’s okay.

Good luck on the cleanse…but I’m confused about the 30-40 pounds? I just peeked at your November 14th pic and unless I have you and Bryan confused …you look amazing.

You rock.

(Ha...EMZ and her 4's. She wanted to stop at 3 but had to make it to 4)

She said I need a goal said...

Quinton, thank you so much for your kind comments. The picture was of Bryan and my coach. I haven't had a picture of me taken in about 10 years (since I gained the weight). I'm toying with throwing caution to the wind and just posting a pic but I'm still chickon.

The smoking is a struggle everyday but everyday I want to be like all of you guys more than I want to smoke. Also if I were to smoke I think Matty might actually come back here and smack me... yikes!

For now the goal is to have my photo taken as I cross the finish line at my 1/2IM in July.

Quinton J said...


“be like all of you guys”?

My dear…You and ‘you guys’ are one-and-the-same. As far as I’m concerned, every time that you confront a challenge face-to-face (in sport or in life) you are an inspiration to me. And every time you set a goal (to quit smoking or to run that first ½ I) and you set off on the difficult path to realize that goal, you jump ahead of millions and millions of folks who never take the first step.

You are one tough cookie to stick with your non-smoking decision, and I for one am proud of you for that.

Also, you’re right…Matty-O WOULD come back here and smack you! He’s been looking for an excuse to come back to the Great White North to get arrested.

P.S. I can’t wait to see that photo. Train on.