Sunday, December 13, 2009

all quiet

Well the birthday celebration was epic, there was much wine involved, several of my favourite ladies in the universe came over and one of my favourite guys via phone and text message from California but no animals were harmed and there was only a midline hangover, thankfully.  I did eat everything in the universe this weekend and desperately need to get to a gym because I'm feeling antsy.  I remember in years past where the celebrations were much more frequent but now I've gone from drinking for sport to 'event drinking' and spending alot more time in the gym my body doesn't seem to like the couch quite as much as it used to.  Hard to believe a person can make a shift in the golden years, starting out in earnest at 42 and here I am 44, down some weight, with 25lbs to go and much much much more fit than I have ever been in my life.

The thought of this race is scary but mostly because I'm not a great finisher.  I'm an awesome joiner, I'll join anything but quickly get bored and distracted.   I am really hoping this tri can address some of that and get me back to the focus I had last year where I would go to the gym and come hell or high water I wasn't leaving until I had burned 1000 calories.  I loved the feeling those days, walking out spent, exhausted, full of sweat and feeling like I had accomplished something.  We won't talk about the state of my hair though, cause wow!

I need to find a counter that works for this blog, I want to countdown the days to the Try-a-tri and then the days to the sprint and I also want to keep a log of calories burned, that will be fun.. well in that oh my god that hurts kinda fun way.

So with the birthday celebrations behind me and only 3 events to New Years I think I will be in good shape mentally come Jan 2.

I am still having trouble finding nutrition advice for this type of training so I think for now I'll stick to my usual diet and tweak it based on how I feel.  The diet I normally do is higher in protein and lower in carbs and focused on nutrient timing but I think the cardio may kick my ass.  Time will tell.  I have to be honest, the thought of doing 60% carbs kinda freaks me out after a year of restricting them.  I haven't totally restricted them mind you, let's not even mention how many carbs are in wine and beer, K.  I haven't started yet!!

Maybe first I need to countdown to the start..  baby steps my friend, baby steps.

20 days til D day!

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