Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas past

Wow, where does the time go?  Seems like just yesterday I was recovering from the birthday celebrations and now we're already past Christmas.  The time just flew by!  I had no big plans other than one dinner until Dec 22nd, it was that day that I found out that my nieces and nephews were going to be at my brother's for dinner on Boxing Day which meant I had to race out and get presents for them.  Then talking to my stepmother on MSN she invited me for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day with them so more shopping plus packing and a drive to London.  I had a great holiday overall, I ate WAY too much but did not drink too much which was a win. 

I have not left the house in 2 days despite some plans that eventually fell through but I did laundry, cleaned up and relaxed alot.  After brutal working hours and all the hub bub I needed it.

Today I looked at some sprint Tri training programs and picked one AND created a tracking spreadsheet AND put the activities on a calendar for my fridge so I did accomplish something right?  So I start on January 3 in earnest.  Some of the training seems a bit light so I might do longer runs or bike rides based on how I'm feeling.  Let's face it I had LOADS of time to train for this.

This week I'm going to go by the "Y" to check out membership.  I'm currently with Goodlilfe and pretty unhappy with them especially for the price but I'm unclear from the Y website if membership is cheaper.  Regardless, the "Y" has a pool and I need to swim.. which also reminds me, I need a bathing suit!  I will have to get one on Saturday.

Back to work tomorrow but only for 2.5 days thank goodness.


Brybrarobry said...

I think the Y is about $40 per month and you have to pay a one time sign up fee. Good thing is you can quit for a while and they'll carry your membership. So if you don't think you will go for a few months they'll tack those 3 months on to the end. And if you quit and restart in a year you don't have to pay the initiation fee. The waterdown, burlington and hamilton Y are on the same membership and you can use your memebership at any Y in the world. It's not a hard sell type of place and the people in the gym are just regular folk. No muscle heads.

Good luck with your plan in 2010.

She said I need a goal said...

Thanks so much for the info. It sounds like a good deal.

My plan for 2010 is really taking shape, I'm very excited!