Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spin bikes = ouch!

After a long yet quiet day at work I headed home to find my trainer in my kitchen cooking up some food for the week.  She spends some off time here because my house is closer to her work plus she cleans up too!!   Downside, she likes to text me when she finds bad things in my fridge.  Example "Why is there pizza in your fridge?"  Makes cheating impossible but that is not a bad thing.  She has already started her training for her competition in April and I can't wait to go, she's going to do amazing!  We chatted and I showed her my training plan and she laughed at my spreadsheet.  Everyone laughs at my spreadsheets but s'ok, I can live with that.  Also she is a marathon runner so I'll be getting loads of running advice from her.

We headed off to the gym for my training appt, circuits, ouch!  We did "pull day" which I prefer to "push" because push days have t-pushups and there is nothing in life worse than a t-pushup.  I barely complained at all, no really, you can even ask her.  I have decided that I'm going to try not to complain this year, I did say 'try' though, doesn't mean it's gonna happen all the time.

After circuits and weights (rows, with a 30lb weight, I totally rock) she still had second cardio to do so I got on a spin bike to keep her company.  I have never been on a spin bike before.  We did 30  minutes, I didn't push it too much, was getting used to it really and um... I hurt in places I didn't know I have. I hope that eventually the pain goes away.  She assures me that it does.

I'm mostly all set for tomorrow night festivities, evening out at a friends place for drinks and a ton of laughs!  Can't wait.  I also can't wait to ring OUT 2009, I am really looking forward to 2010, I feel positive, good things are going to come!

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