Thursday, December 31, 2009

Life changing

Talking to my pal  over a super yummy brunch at Milestones a few weeks back and I found myself saying the following a lot.. “ blah blah blah changed my life” and while 2009 has mostly sucked a lot of ass there were several things that changed my life.

If we step back a few years “PVR changed my life” and continues to be life changing. I never watch real time TV, I have not watched a commercial in years and I rarely miss a show. It has also allowed me to watch shows in much less time, I can watch an American Idol performance show in about 20 minutes cause I fast forward through all the crap and there is A LOT of crap. So PVR still makes the list even though it’s not new.

If we step back in even MORE years “getting my license changed my life” and it continues. Yes I got my full "G" license at 39 years old, stop laughing.   I love the freedom and independence I have PLUS I still am in awe that I actually did it.  It was the single scariest thing I have ever done, I think it was even scarier than bungee jumping.  I remember the stress from the road tests and then just driving. If I had to drive somewhere I’d stress all day about it, now I jump in the car and GO. There are still a few places I won’t drive, Toronto or the DVP being two key ones but I’m pretty good for everywhere else. And I still LOVE my car more than anything.

Keyless lock for my front door changed my life. I got that at the end of last year but holy cow I still love that thing every time I use it!

“My iPhone changed my life” and there really IS an app for everything… I’m not even kidding. Now I text like crazy, have used it many times to save my ass with directions, I twitter like nobody’s business, I’m in touch and online ALL THE TIME.. hahahahahah oh and Rogers my5 totally rocks!

My cleaning service changed my life! I no longer come home exhausted after work and/or working out to sit and feel guilty about all the cleaning that needs to be done. I pick up after myself more as well PLUS this ensures that at least once a month before the cleaning ladies come that I have decluttered everywhere.  When I was a kid I never understood when my mom would say ‘the cleaning lady is coming, pick up your room’, now I totally get it. Also watching Hoarders sure helps make me want to de-clutter although I should remember to watch it on Saturday mornings because every time I watch it I want to throw crap out.

My garage door opener changed my life! No really it did. I used to have to walk through the house to open the bloody door and it was hardly worth it half the time, not to mention the taking off the boots at the front door, carrying them to the door to the garage, you get the drift. Now I can open it from my car, from inside the house, from the outside, from down the street. PLUS it made me clean out the garage which is nice except I still haven’t taken back all my bloody empties from about 6 months so I have a chore ahead of me. I need to do this over the weekend. Please someone make me!!! Oh and my car is probably in better shape for not sitting outside.

My back door screen door changed my life! It’s the little things that matter right? I loved being able to sit with the back door open and a breeze coming in and no bugs, shiver, I hate bugs!  love love love it!

Cleaning out my closet changed my life! Not the ‘Eminem’ clean out, but literally cleaning out all the clothes I thought I might wear one day but never did and the stuff that didn’t fit and never was going to fit. I still feel epic relief when I walk into my closet and I can see all the clothes I have to choose from and they fit and they look nice. Matter of fact finding Ricki’s changed my life as well,  The sale racks there are amazing!

Things to accomplish in 2010

Try a tri in June and Sprint Triathlon in July this one is most important to me...
Monthly purge of closets and cupboards
Unpack and organize 2 boxes per month (yes, I still haven’t finished unpacking), finish by spring so I can get ‘just junk’ in to remove the crap. I LOVE just junk.
Sort out my basement, buy some cupboards and make it look much nicer and more organized

Purchases etc for 2010

Cupboards for the basement
Shed for backyard
Back deck materials and install
Keyless entry lock on the door from garage to house
Shelving unit for the closet in the office
If there is any money left (probably not), new washer/drier, dishwasher and stove but that will probably have to wait for 2011.
Oh AND an invisible screen door for the front door.

Your turn, what has changed your life?

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Brybrarobry said...

Great Post, I liked the list of things that changed your life. True, yet very funny. Have a great New Years and all the best in 2010.