Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She's at it again!

Today at work was a quiet day, no one is in, most of our clients are off so I spent a great portion of the day filing emails and loading up my OneNote with to-dos.  Don't even get me started on OneNote!  BEST purchase I ever made and now the entire management team are onto it and oh wait there I go again.. that's not what I wanted to post about.

SOOOOO as I mentioned yesterday I put my weekly training in a user friendly spreadsheet, I can print out the week, post it on my fridge, take it with me and track progress, then bring it home and enter in all the data.. come on I'm a former Business Analyst, it's ALL about the data..

Then today for kicks I added in my calories in/calories out sheet to this one and added 'calories burned' columns to the training logs and now when I enter in the calories burned in a session it updates my summary sheet.  The summary also has calories in (manually entered), my BMR to give me total deficit (I hope it's always a deficit) and predicts weight loss monthly.  It's kinda cool to watch what happens to my overall weight when I enter in calories burned.  I have a great HR monitor but I won't be able to track calories for swimming so I'll have to get some generic stats on that for now.  **Ok, I looked up a few calorie burn calculators and it say I can burn like 600-700 calories in 30 minutes of front crawl at a moderate effort.  I don't believe it!!!

NYE brings the last of the drinking for some time because I really really need to de-pickle my liver.

I'll be back for another riveting post I'm sure.. you can't wait can you.. no wait, don't leave..  come back!!  It'll get funnier as soon as I start training..

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