Sunday, December 6, 2009

She said I needed a goal

I have been training with my trainer for almost 2 years now. It's been a long road, probably harder on her than it has been on me with my on again/off again diet and exercise program. I won't start at the beginning but will start with January 2009. At that time she started training for a figure competition and I decided to follow along with a very clean diet and loads of exercise. I created a spreadsheet to track calories in/calories out and lost about 25lbs. She WON her class. After the show was over I relaxed my program but haven't been able to get back on track fully because to be honest, I hate everything about diet and exercise and there's always a reason, none of them good, to go off program.

We had a long discussion this past Friday and she said I needed a goal and as usual she's right. So what goal? Fitness competitor? NOT a chance.. run a 5k? I ran one in June 2007 and while I enjoyed it, running 3 times a week killed my shins, besides, running is so boring. Biking? Well that seems about as exciting as putting hot pokers in my eyes.. somehow I ended up pondering a triatholon. Now I'm not totally crazy, there is no way I could do a triatholon but I could do a 'Try a Tri' which is 350m swim, 10km bike and 2.5km run. Hmmm not completely boring and it would give me a reason to workout. There is also a sprint triatholon in July which is a longer race, 750km swim, 20km bike and 5km run. It is likely too much to aim for but if I train hard it's definitely on my radar.

So I started researching a bit. I found a race on June 6, through which gives me loads of time to prep. I found a 16 week training program online which means I don't have to start training until beginning of February. This would give me the holidays to relax, have some fun, a good start in January before I start full on.

So, in an effort to be accountable I started this blog. I will post 'starting' stats on January 1 and in the meantime I will keep up on my workouts from now til then with the goal to be maintain my weight.

I have a list of things to do:
Find a training program - validate the one I have found, find a new one, get help
Figure out nutrition requirements
Make a list of things I will need to buy such as swimming attire, a place to swim, buy a bike, find a place to ride outdoors.

For those interested, you can read my trainer's blog here:

and HER trainer's blog is here:

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