Saturday, December 25, 2010

Are you crazy!

how many bike pics are too many?  
Who rides OUTSIDE in the winter?  Well for starters there's Ian and Bryan and Rodney who have been known to suit up and go out riding and not just for a quick ride, these guys go for LONG rides! Obviously "Mountain biker John" is out there riding regularly and today I added myself to that list. 

It wasn't long and it wasn't fast, that's for sure.  This morning I saw a few tweets about people getting out for a ride and then I was asked by a new twitter friend if I was going to ride today.  I looked over at my bike, all set up on the trainer and then spied the sunshine and though what the heck!  Ummmm ok, I need to stop doing these things last minute because holy mother of .... it was COLD out there!  I suited up and then remembered that all I own are bike shorts.  No problem, I'll just throw on my running pants over the shorts.  My socks are ankle socks, hello cold ankles.  I did layer my shirts and two jackets which seemed to be ok but I still wasn't out long enough or riding hard enough to stay warm.  By the time I rounded my house the first time I called it, I was too cold and my front tire was looking a bit dodgy.  

BUT I did it. 

I have a list of things I need to buy so I can do that again because it is so much better than riding on the trainer.  In the right clothes I'd do it again in a heartbeat (on a sunny and dry day).  

I won't complain though, it just means more shopping!

That's all I got.. 

(Scott, I know you can't get on twitter so I posted for you but I couldn't keep it to 140 characters, sorry).

psssst go read John's blog, it's called Toe Tags and he said some really nice stuff about me there...   just wow!


Pamela Hutchins said...

It's 35 here, and i am not ashamed to say...we rode on the trainer ;)
You are a polar bear!

She said I need a goal said...

Pamela, I'm not sure what I was thinking, it was bloody minus SIX out there! BUT if I knew how to dress warmer I'd do it again.

Detroit Runner said...

Great job getting out there

Jason said...

I did it today too. And will do it again no doubt.

This AM I was dressed and ready to go and the wife said it was 25 degrees out but I was already dressed and so I went.

My fingers and toes were frozen. Could barely pull the brakes but I rode for 1.5 hours and ran for 0.5 hours to get my 2 hour brick in this morning.

And I MAY do it again, but with finger warmers of some sort.

Caratunk Girl said...

You are a rockstar, I am a pussy. I am on the trainer until March at the earliest.

Matty O said...

I will not take my bike off my trainer until it is over 50 degrees and not raining. Simple. I have rules :)

Nice job though. You can have that frigid feeling anyday, not me.

Keep up the good work.

JohnP said...

way to tough it out! the key is to layer the clothing.

I went out for 2.5hrs yesterday and didn't get cold until close to 2 hours. It's doable, but its not cheap for all the clothing lol :)

You're awesome for getting out there!

Ian said...

I'm super proud of you! With the right layers in the right order, you don't even feel the cold.
Keep the Rubber Side Down.

She said I need a goal said...

Detroit Runner, thank you! and thank you for the follow, much appreciated!

Jason, nice job!! I got some hand warmers as a prezzie this year, I think they will help alot but I didn't want to waste them on a short ride. Let me know if you want the name/brand.

Mandy, from the pictures on your blog that I have seen I can't imagine you could get your bike out the door!!

Matty, I was shocked that I enjoyed it as much as I did. If I was a bit warmer I could have gone longer and I like it alot more than the trainer.

John, you are the KING!!

Ian, I had layers, maybe my problem is 'the right order'. hmmm I see an email in your future.

Jason said...

Yes. Do send me the info.

I will only need them for a couple of rides here in TX but the other day I could have used them.

And I rode the trainer yesterday and would rather be outside.