Monday, December 20, 2010

I survived the Kona party!

A pretty new bike pump!
I'm TOO old for this!  Friday was Bryan's Kona party.  Go check out his blog for really great pictures, my iphone sucks taking pictures!

Friday was fantastic!!  I was able to get out of work early and get home in time for John and Fran to arrive.  They are fantastic people and I loved them even more when they gave me a terrific 'hostess gift bag'.  It's good to have friends that are bike people because the prezzies were bike related, a new pump, a light, some nifty swiss army knifelike gadget.  There was even more stuff too, gels and protein bars and clif blocs and on and on!! John took my emergency kit and swapped out all the bad stuff and put in the good stuff. He also made sure my bike was set up on the trainer correctly, put on my new light and pump and told me my back tire was flat. You guys really ARE the best, thank you so much!  We also had a discussion and I might be going to IMLP, tagging along with them which would be so much fun because everyone is going!

Obviously we ordered pizza for dinner and had a couple of beers waiting on Rodney  to arrive (he didn't bring me any presents though), he was our DD for the evening.  It's funny because I hadn't met Rodney in person but I feel like I know him due to all the razzing on twitter and from reading his blog. Every single person I have met in person have been exactly what I expected, all good!  Even Rodney. ;-)  I didn't get a change to chat to Doru much, but I'm sure we will at the next party.  He was in what looked like a pretty deep discussion with Bryan and Carlos.  I got to meet Carlos and Fernanda.   Fernanda and I have been tweeting but I had no idea that she was married to Carlos, ohhh it all makes sense now! I still love Carlos even if he doesn't follow me on twitter.. something about me overtweeting.. He's not wrong.  I got meet the famous Jamie and Barb and the even MORE  famous John Barclay.  John can tell a great story, I could have listened to him all night long.
why is this so small?

Alice and Bryan were fantastic hosts and I really enjoyed getting to know Alice.  I would have loved to stay longer but the last time I was up past midnight I think I was a teenager so I wussed out around 2:30am (or so).  I'll have to increase my beer training/stay awake endurance for the next party. Thank you SO much for having us Bryan.  I did tweet some stuff during the party and it was funny to read the next day.  For those that don't have twitter or don't follow me (coughCarloscough) here are a few tweets from the evening.

I met @BDAraujo and she is amazing!! But I think she has something going on with @cdnet1 (sexy)
@ree_ti_ree ohhhhhhhh now I get it. derrr Apparently I was pronouncing his twitter name wrong all this time..
@rbuike fuck that, he's scaring me and now someone is talking about GU. Bryan was talking about how all women that like Oprah were.. well those of us that were there know what he said..
Omg the China conversation. 
@brybrarobry that keg is amazing!! You can pour a beer in less than 10 seconds.  I wasn't kidding he walked by me to the kegerator, and walked back immediately with a full beer.
Bay City Rollers?? Interesting. Satellite radio, S A T U R D A Y!!

I stole this from Bryan's entry

oh no she didn't


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Glad you had fun

Caratunk Girl said...

Sounds like a blast!

JohnP said...

You are the awesomestest hostess EVAR!

I had a great time! You Rock! :)

Thanks a bunch!

Pamela Hutchins said...

Cool new blog background, too.

PedalmanTO said...

Your tweets during the night made me laugh. As the night wore on I was trying to guess which number glass you were on.
Happy you landed on both feet the next morning.