Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am more important that John

This blog is posted so I can appear above JohnP in Daryl's blogroll (and everyone else that lists both of us).  I will be back to post a real blog later.  In the meantime go read how John is a quitter and Daryl is getting back at it!

More to come later today.


JohnP said...

*GASP* Oh I'm hurt Daryl. I thought we had something special! I can't believe you demoted me to second on the list%!%!!
Don't listen to Adena - she is evil. She will come up with challenges to torture you and then laughs at you if you FAIL. She is a big meany-pantz!

AND - I'm telling Fran that you specifically requested you want to 'be on top'. I prefer the bottom, so I dont mind. I'm telling Fran on you. You're in big trouble now missy! :)

She said I need a goal said...

Oh geez, he's getting the wife involved. I'm sure she'll see my point of view though, cause I'd buy her a new bike!!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Saw your post on SUAR and had to come over to follow. From one "big" girl to another! Good luck in your weight loss. Here's to Enell!

Daryl said...

btw, this is awesome, teammate!

John - I am a little worried about these challenges, thanks for the heads up ;-)

KJ said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment and for following me!

Awesome blog, too! :-)