Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hope is not a plan

This photo does not relate to this entry at all
I love this saying. I heard it (or may have even said it first myself) a few years ago in regards to work. I have come back to this again and again and even said it in my out loud voice many times since then. I work in IT, it's pretty standard around here at least in my lifetime.

It also applies to my triathlon training. I have a lot of hopes for my 2011 training season but until I make a plan that is all it is, just 'hope' and hope is not a plan. Got that?

So I am creating my plan for 2011. It includes tasks, which are training and races, resources, which are me, my coach, my training centre Millcroft, my nutritionist and effort, my boss would be proud!! I bet I could even put this all into MS project but that software doesn't work for me at the best of times! (yes I'm a project manager).

For coaching I have Nancy, she provides me with my training plan and 24x7 support. I'm not kidding, she emails me at 5am to check on me!

For training plans I have Nancy and the group training for the half iron. This will include group sessions for endurance rides and runs, plus I have Fran and John for those as well. There are also group training spin classes, bootcamps and yoga. Yes I’m going to do yoga if it kills me and it just might, I don’t bend that way.. yet. For tracking I will be using Daily Mile because I can sync my Garmin data and there are other bloggers and tweeters there for motivation. 

For nutrition I have Georgie and I start in earnest Jan 2 using the meal plans she has provided plus I have her awesome cookbook Dig In. She follows Precision Nutrition, this is where I met her origially and I find these principles a healthy way to eat and I feel excellent when I am on track, full of energy and not bloated at all. I will be tracking my nutrition at Daily Burn, they have a compatible iPhone app for me to use on the go as well. It costs money but it's less than $10 per month and it has lots of features and the interface is pretty… pretty is very important to me. Rather than focus on how many calories I'm eating per day I'm going to take some advice that I have received from a few and just focus on ensuring I have a calorie deficit every day. I think my BMR is around 1400. If I want to eat more, just means I have to workout more, end of.

For motivation I have my blog, your blogs and twitter and facebook, although I'm sure the facebookers are sick of me posting triathlon training stuff there. I have real life training friends through Millcroft, Nancy and my mommies in motion group.

I am going to do clean eating for a few months starting Jan 2. I typically go on the wagon at the beginning of the year for a few months, this will help me take the weight off, in fact with all this training and no drinking if the weight doesn't come off I may just lop it off myself… with a knife.

That's all I got.


My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

U go girl!!

In my business, 'hope' is a dirty word

She said I need a goal said...

Hope should be a dirty word in every busines. ;-)

Brybrarobry said...

Sounds like a good plan, I'm joining you on the clean eating thinga ma jiga on Jan 2. haha.


Beal88 said...

Sounds like you have a great plan in place. I hear ya on the Facebook thing. Half my friends love to hear about everything and the other half are sick of hearing about it. I've actually been considering starting a fan page, so friends can choose if they want to hear about everything or not.

Georgie Fear RD said...

You can do it! (Pssst, you'll also be glad to know I have a new book coming out in about 3 weeks!) Its called Fuel Up and has tons of new stuff, even better than Dig In!

Stay tuned!

She said I need a goal said...

B, I think there will be an entire posse of clean eating people on Jan 2.

Beal, I was thinking about just stopping the auto feed of my blog to facebook, people can find me here if they want to read. But then again I contemplate taking down facebook all together on a daily basis, lol.

Georgie, I want to pre-order that book!!

ree_ti_ree said...

Regarding eating more: If you put extra muscle on your frame, not only does the weight training burn calories, but the aquired muscle will burn extra calories just by being on your body. It raises your BMR. A personal trainer told me the formula which I'm struggeling to remember, but it's something like for every extra pound of muscle you add, you must eat an extra 50 calories, just to maintain it. So, if you lose 10 lbs of fat, and gain 10 lbs of muscle, you are leaner,stronger and are now entitled to eat an additional 500 calories per day. That's why many in shape atheletes get away with eating anything the want. If they don't get the calories, their muscle could waste away. (verify this with a professional, but I think it's true)