Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Is it over yet? (+RoadID coupon code)

A typcial trainer session, otherwise known as 'thank goodness I live alone'. 

Is it over yet?

This thing is very loud, this can't be set up right. (I even said it after it was adjusted by John). 

I wonder if it would be quieter on the fake hardwood, tweet John. 

Oh yeah, I still need to buy a mat to go under it, that might help. 

I wonder if I should stop, my neighbours may be getting pissed.

If they do come over to complain I won't hear them knocking over the sound of this trainer! 

Ohhhh I'm sweaty, is it over yet?  

Crap I forgot my heart rate monitor! Contemplate stopping to go get it, decide no but also decide will definitely remember next time. (I decide this EVERY time). 

Riding outside is way better. 

Why can't I ever remember to save something good on TV for when I'm on this thing. 

Is it over yet? 

I am thirsty. Crap I forgot to fill up my water bottle, then contemplate stopping to get some water for at least 5 minutes. Alternately stare at the sink which is literally 2 feet away from me and try to convince myself not to think about it. 

Get off the bike, fill up water bottle, almost wipe out on the kitchen floor rushing back to the bike. Why am I rushing? NO idea.  

Where is everyone? No blog updates, twitter is quiet!! Post a status on facebook asking people to entertain me, one person responds.

Is it over yet?

Find a good TV show on TV, all quiet in my head until first commercial break but I have to turn up the TV really loud so I can hear over the sound of the trainer. Think now THIS is going to upset the neighbours then remember the night that Dede, Mike and I listened to music much louder than we should have, and the song was inappropriate AND we all sang along at 3am, giggle out loud at the memory and realize the neighbours aren't going to complain. 

Is it over yet?

Crap I forgot a towel, contemplate stopping to get one, decide no, use my t-shirt.

How long have I been on this thing? 

Wow, is it getting even louder? 

Contemplate putting the whole shebang in the basement for my next ride but there is no TV down there, decide no. Wonder how much it would cost to reno the basement, decide I can't afford it right now. 

I would LOVE to smoke right this second (honestly this thought occurs to me regularly DURING exercise). 

Is it over yet?

This TV show isn't that good.

Is it over yet?

I'm sweaty! I hate sweating! This is not necessarily a good thing considering I'm training for a triathlon and sweating happens.

I need to use the bathroom, contemplate stopping so I can go to the bathroom. Decide no when I envision racing to the bathroom and wiping out in the hallway. I'm an adult, I can hold it.

Think to myself that I wish I had set up some music in case the TV and iPhone entertainment failed. Contemplate stopping to put my iPOD on the entertainment unit, decide no, I’m almost done anyway.

Watch the clock tick off every minute until I'm finished. 
Bring on SUMMER!!!
That's all I got.

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My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

Mental toughness!! I hate riding inside but whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger (or so they say)

Good for you not giving in and stopping. Quitting the first time only makes it easier to quit the second time and the third time and the......

JohnP said...

Hah, this used to sound like my trainer rides. I took the time to adequately setup 'the pain cave'.

Get yourself a music and video playlist to watch. I have a series of you-tube videos and Triathlon movies that I watch. Iron out your routine to factor in the water, HR monitor, towels, finding clothing etc.

Make it as easy as possible to just jump on an go.

I look forward to my training rides right now, I have a fun set of movies I've been wanting to watch.

Oh and don't just ride for the sake of riding. Have a structured plan for going hard on commercial breaks or changing up the tempo at 10 minute intervals etc. Time goes faster.

Next time I'm over, I'll listen to your trainer to see if the noise is normal or not.

Kirk (MyBestTri) said...

I'd much rather be outside as well, but this time of year the options are limited. Sometimes the treadmill or trainer have to be Plan B. In fact I'm headed to treadmill as we speak. Thanks for following my blog as well. Good luck on your training for the 70.3.

JenniferLeah said...

Maybe I can put this in perspective for ya~
I spend my early mornings spinning away on an old spin bike :)

Love the mental battle though. sounds like my time on the TM!

Try to DVR some good trash tv that you normally would not watch
get some inspirational movies.

Happy Training

Big Daddy Diesel said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Welcome to riding on a trainer, go get yourself a Spinerval DVD, its sooooooo fun (giggle inside)

Oh, yeah, I dare you to do a spinervals dvd

Jason Andrew Mellet said...

trainer sessions are awesome. i love getting on my trainer. The trick is to get the right motivation. follow this link and watch my video of me on my trainer. you got to check this out


then head over to www.thesufferfest.com and check out their awesome videos. i have all 5 and love the trainer. that noise your trainer makes is nothing compared to the noise you will be making when you are swearing at contador going up alp d uez.

Jason said...

And I am just going to copy and paste this post after every trainer ride I do.

I have one tomorrow with 40-60 minutes straight in Zone 3....hello pure hell it's me Jason and I'm coming in.....

Brybrarobry said...

Great post!!!! And great job.


She said I need a goal said...

MBTB, mental toughness and way too much whining, hence the 'thank god I live alone'. It'll get better, I just need a groove.

John, I may move it downstairs. I have an extra TV and DVD player and it's cooler down there, might make sense but yes, next time you are over I can show you what I mean.

Kirk, thank you for the comment, how was the treadmill?

BDD, as a matter of fact a friend copied a spinerval DVD but now I'm scared. Thanks alot! I'll think of you laughing the entire time I'm sure.

Jason Andrew, I DID check out that video of you, that was amazing! I also looked on sufferfest.com but couldn't find the 'wimpy dvd section'. I'm not hardcore like you.. YET.

Jason, how was hell? How long did you make it?

B, thank you sir!

Beal88 said...

It's amazing how mind numbingly boring time on the trainer can be and how the mind can up with a million reason to cut the workout short. Way to stick with it.

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

I loved that post. I think I have had the same conversations with myself several times.