Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How many??

I was going to call this entry 'Let's do the math' but then I was afraid you wouldn't read it.  

I added a counter to the blog, see it over there, ------> 
it's purty. Now I've not fully decided on which race I'm signing up for but they all happen in July. I am training with my group for Musselman and I would like to go with them but that race is the week before IMLP. I want to tag along @ LP with John and the Mrs because everyone is going to be there and being away two weeks in a row will not be doable. Add to that, I would really like to race with Mrs. LoTC. Honestly there is nothing like John cheering you on with the big blue hand screaming at you as you go by and the Mrs. kicking my ass (I'm coming for you on that old bike Fran!!). So it's likely Peterborough and if I'm going to race Peterborough that means there are:

199 days before race day and that means:

28 weeks before race day but let's face it I'm not hardcore training until Jan 1 so THAT means:
26 weeks before race day and that means:

78 runs until raceday @ 3 runs per week
52 swims until raceday @ 2 swims per week
52 cycling sessions until raceday @ 2 cycling sessions per week.

Obviously these are averages and of course there's going to be taper weeks and holy geez where did the time go? Did I say these next two weeks aren't going to be hardcore training? I might have to rethink that.  Helluva way to look at it, in fact this half may happen in 2012 at that rate!
On a more personal note, my Great Aunt Helena who is 92 has had a fall and has been in hospital for a few weeks now, we've just found out. She is currently waiting on a space at a nursing home and we are waiting for more news on her condition but from what I understand she's doing ok. I believe I mentioned her legendary molasses cookies before.

In the summer of 2008 I went to visit her for a week with my mom. Now you might not think that spending a week with your 90 year old Great Aunt Helena and her 77 year old sister in law Kay would be any fun but let me tell you, there is nothing further from the truth. I wrote a few lines on my other blog when I got home from that trip and have pasted them here because they make me smile when I remember that trip and I'm missing her.  

I recommend you spend time with your 90 year old Great Aunt Helena . If you get her to drink a 'holf a gloss of beer' it'll PEP her right up and you'll end up in fits of laughing that cause you to snort whatever out your nose cause you just can't stop. Note: This also causes everyone else in the room to wonder what the frig you are laughing at. 

Aunt Helena and holf a gloss of beer
I recommend you eat Great Aunt Helena's peanut butter chocolate chip cookies til you burst. 

I recommend you drive your Great Aunt Helena and her younger sister in law anywhere they need to go cause it just feels good to help her out (plus you get cookies). 

I recommend you laugh til you cry at least once a week, this is guaranteed when you are visiting Great Aunt Helena. 

I don't recommend you tell your Great Aunt Helena that feeds you peas everytime you visit that you don't like peas or they'll end up in the cookies she sends with you on the plane.  

I recommend if you play rummy with Great Aunt Helena and the ladies that you make sure your great aunt is your partner cause she's kind of a cheater...

I don't recommend you leave your Great Aunt Helena that you love so much cause it will make you cry and make her cry (like Mary), or maybe it was her allergies. 

I recommend when you go away, you make sure you have toilet paper at home for your return, this is very important.

Aunt Helena get better soon!!
That's all I got.


Matty O said...

my thoughts and prayers for your great aunt.

I hate looking at numbers like that, I get nervous and feel like I won't be prepared enough :)

Game on!

Stick to the plan and it will be effortless :)

She said I need a goal said...

Matty thank you.

yes GAME ON buddy!

JohnP said...

Hope she's feeling better soon!

That's a tough choice on the races. I don't know what to say. I know I would want to race with the people I trained with, however those people seemed kinda boring for the most part but maybe they were shy or busy and couldn't come for drinks afterwards ;) It does help having coach Nancy there, that will be reassuring especially if she puts together a pre-race strategy and you have alot of questions.

Personally I wouldn't travel that far for my first half. I would want it local so if I failed, I didn't waste as much money or time.

Welland would be the best Half, I intend to do it next year for sure. I can't believe they dont do medals there, thats incredibly dumb. I wish they would, cuz it looks like the best of the three races.

She said I need a goal said...

Musselman is a big commitment and as I said, it would be more fun to race with Fran. Welland is my first choice but if they don't have a medal screw that!