Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I can see clearly now....

the warm up
Ok, back to our regularly scheduled blogging about training (or lack thereof). I'm part of the 30 day challenge, in fact it was my idea. I am struggling to get the workouts in but thankfully I was smart enough to make walking acceptable. The whole idea was to get me off the couch. I even did a short trainer ride last night.  I'm prepping for weekend festivities which include the Kona party on Friday night where I finally get to meet a few other bloggers and I'm sure there'll be much fun. I promise to tweet!! John and the Mrs. are staying at my place and I'm going to try to wrangle John to make sure I've got the trainer set up correctly cause it's awfully noisy and feels weird. I probably just need to get used to it. Now that the tattoo has healed it's back to the pool for me I think on Sunday. I am equally dreading and looking forward to it. When I think about swimming the first thought I have is how nice it is to roll around in the water, maybe do the breast stroke at a slow pace and won't that be nice but sure enough when I get my butt in the pool and start doing laps I start immediately with 'oh my god this is exhasuting!!' My coached swim program this year is on Thursday mornings @ 5:30am (WTF coach) so I need to get some practice in before we start.

yay, a surprise 
Re the pictures. It was my birthday this past weekend and on Saturday morning I woke up and went to our local Santa Claus run. I did not run it, I was hanging out with my friend's son so that she and her husband could both race. This boy is completely adorable, he had me in stitches the entire time!! When I arrived home between the race and going out for my hair appointment there was a present on my doorstep, NICE!! My roomie has moved out but she dropped off a gift for me. I think she was sick of listening to me complain that there wasn't enough light for me on my kitchen counter so she bought me a lamp. I have to admit that when I first looked at it I thought, that is strange, who would put a lamp on a kitchen counter but then I put it up and I LOVE it! Looks pretty funky if you ask me. She is my decorator and I should learn to NEVER second guess her, it's because of her that my house looks so nice (when I clean it up).

New job is going good, am actually enjoying riding the train into work. I guess I was sick of sitting in traffic and I'm reading books again! I have to admit that it's a bit awkward to read my latest new book on the train, it's Jenna Jameson's autobiography, and there are pictures. I can feel the men stealing looks over my shoulder and I feel a bit pervy myself. Interesting story but I need to get a library card.

Mood lighting
That's all I got


PedalmanTO said...

You have to tweet during the party! It's the only thing that will get me through work.
Keep up the good work on the challenge, I'm with you 100%. I like the 5:30am swim idea, nothing like a quick dip first thing to get the day started. Haha.

She said I need a goal said...

Don't worry my friend I will keep you fully posted via twitter and I expect there will be many blogs posted on Saturday (or whenever the hangover heals). I have to go out on Saturday night as well so I need to keep it cool on Friday.

PS - you are kicking my ass on the challenge!

Daryl said...

Well said about Thursday mornings, although I can see warming up to them over 8:30 at night. (Ask me a few weeks in if I'm 'warming up to them'!)

She said I need a goal said...

Daryl, the Sunday swims were 8:30am and I think that's a better timeslot but it's a Sunday morning and swmming hungover is just NOT any fun.

Matty O said...

sooooo yeah, I LOVE swimming and running very early in the morning. Biking is an after work thing for me.

Seriously, I am the only one to comment on Jenna Jameson's AutoBio???

Post some pics will ya?

Are you looking for another career change and trying to get pointers from her?

So YOU are the type of woman who "reads" those books, are you sure you aren't looking for new positions and new adventurous "places to see".

She said I need a goal said...

Yes you are the only one to comment on that Matty. I thought the story would be interesting, kinda like how you like to read the articles in Hustler except I really mean it. She is a gorgeous woman though.

And not for nothing butI don't need any pointers from Jenna.. just sayin'

Matty O said...

See, she came on the scene at the right time too, nowadays all the porno crap is just that, crap.

Every college student has a web cam and there are not many stand out stars anymore.

I would have to say there are probably 3 girls that I would say have had a hell of a run in that industry. Her being one of them haha.

So weird to think of these girls having kids and a family too. YOU KNOW their kids are gonna grow up and have to deal with all that drama.

She said I need a goal said...

If people weren't messed up Howard Stern wouldn't have anyone to interview.