Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So I was....

Craving nachos from Sneaky Dees, with Deeds and a frosty beer.  (commemerat (sp)...  that's where we were in the great black out of 200????) 

Wondering why it never feels like Christmas until I hear specific Christmas songs, Anne Murray (for my mom), ELP (for my dad) and Celine Dion (for Anna).

Contemplating a sick day tomorrow but I won't; I think they'd catch on.

Considering my options for challenge workout tomorrow.  There's been far too much walking to date.  I see a trainer session with music, TV, a full water bottle and no bathroom breaks!

Thinking about a dock, a lake, a glass of wine and a great sunset.  Spring is around the corner, it really is!

Hoping I can get on an early morning workout schedule starting in January.  I will have to channel my inner Runnrgrl.

Listening to this same song over again, it's not necessarily the words but the flow and the melody that have me hypnotised.  Sister Heroine ~~ Beth Hart.

Selecting more songs to listen to because you can only listen to the same one so many times.

Missing old friends and family from my past.

Searching for information about meditation.

Excited about January, my training schedule and spring getting closer.

Scared about July!!!!

Making stew in my new dutch oven (thanks MOM!).  Maybe some yorkshires to go with it.

Lost (losing)  my Garmin, AGAIN.  It's here somewhere.

Afraid my iPad will never sync with the movies I bought, it keeps crashing.  When am I buying my MAC?

Tweeting, but it might be overtweeting, you'd have to ask Carlos.

Reading a book on my iPad, Wishful Thinking.  I hope it's good.

Scheduling my January workouts in DailyBurn if I can figure out how to schedule them in the future.

Loving my life.

Laughing at this video clip.  Ron is a distant cousin although I don't know him well (I know his dad better) but considering the story he's telling I'm not surprised we are related. This may be one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

That's all I got.


Anonymous said...

I have to channel my inner rungurl as well.... but it is soo cold out mommy!!! :(
I am sooooo looking forward to spring. I am seriously considering on moving south!!
Mrs. Lotc
p.s. I still need to taste your famous stew!

Anonymous said...

BTW.... I see you have the 70.3 countdown. We only have 192 days left.. aaahhhhh!!!
Mrs. Lotc

Ian said...

I have some music for you if you want something a little different. I'm happy to see that you're looking at the options for training in the new year with an organized plan of attack.
Sneaky Dee's... that picture flooded my head with some memories.

Jason said...

These rank as one of the best posts in bloggerville. I love the So I Was post.

She said I need a goal said...

Mrs LoTC, it IS cold out there but I gotta do it if I want to kick your ass at the race. Who am I kidding, I will be lucky to keep up!! Yes you and John will have to come by for stew. I don't have people to cook for anymore and would love that!

Ian, yes yes yes to music! I would love that. Post here or feel free to email.

Jason, that is high praise coming from you, thank you. I think I will make "So I was" posts weekly. I have a laugh writing them and am happy that you enjoy them.

Caratunk Girl said...

I LOVE So I was!! So funny!! Happy New Year!