Friday, January 28, 2011

downgrade? upgrade?

my buddy Tavish...
I've downgraded (or upgraded) my ankle condition from 'friggin' ouch' to 'tender'. The swelling is nearly gone and I've gone from limping to walking slowly, yay! I'm sure in a few days I'll be right as rain. Not knowing how bad the ankle was (and I'm still not certain) I was looking into water running info. I commented on Beth's blog and awesome woman that she is despite all the fart talk, she emailed me an article she has written about it.  She has been water running for quite some time due to an injury and I think she may qualify for the Olympic water running team now or something.  I thought I'd share, it's good info to have. Oh and if you don't follow her already you really should because she is really funny in all the most inappropriate ways and informative and she even ran with Dean K, not that she talks about that a lot.

Fran and I are anxiously awaiting registration to open up for Peterborough half iron. We have been talking about it for ages now and we've firmly agreed to this race. We did firmly agree didn't we Fran? Right? So we are going to get together, Fran is going to cook dinner, or maybe we'll order pizza because we never do that (haha) and we're going to make a night of it.  I think I'll need drinks and I'm going to wear my depends because I might actually pee my pants when I press the REGISTER button.  

In racing news I won't be ready for the Chilly half, no way I'm doing Around the Bay, I missed out on the Toronto half marathon but I might be able to get into the Mississauga half. Is anyone else doing this race? I can't decide if it would be smart to do a half marathon before my half iron.  In my case it might better to not know how much pain I could be in.  hmmmmm 

My half ironman training team through coach Nancy has a facebook page and all, thanks Daryl! We just confirmed our team name and they are ordering shirts. My dream is to order a shirt and then have it not fit me by race day. haha 

While TCoB didn't acknowledge my first ever triathlon completion they are asking for volunteers for the booth at a few events and my friend Jackie asked me specifically and I love Jackie and can't say no to her. Not only did she compete at Kona last year but she kicks Rodney's ass in the pool every week and I truly love her for that. I will be handing out water for coach Nancy at the Chilly half and then helping out TcoB at the tri-fair on Apr 2.   It might not be a bad idea to be a little more involved in the club. 

the chill chair
In other news, my awesome friend Sheelagh came to visit me last weekend, she brought her awesome dog Tavish and 'the chill chair'. The chair looks very interesting doesn't it? She gave me a relaxing massage, I'm sure there is an official name for what she did but oh my god it was HEAVEN! I need to bribe her to come visit me every week! Incidentally she also makes my favourite body creams too. My favourite is Coffeehouse, it smells SO yummy!! 

In case you missed it:   go check out Mandy's weekly Monday post, Muttley Monday, and Jason's weekly Thursday post, the Athlete's Plate and don't forget "what's his name's" weekly Friday post Weekly Ramblings. I take care of Wednesdays with my weekly so I was posts but we are still looking for a candidate for a weekly Tuesday post to add to our list. If you post something unique on Tuesdays (or want to) please let one of us know.

That's all I got.


Matty O said...

See, told ya, one week and you are back at it :)

When I spraign and roll my ankle it swells up the size of a softball... i have pictures haha. Usually a good week off of it with icing and some tylenol get me back at it.

I just read JP's comment from yesterday... LOL, you need to get laid.

As for Rumpert... ASK HIM HIS NAME ALREADY! I am sure he will indulge you...

Love massages.... LOVE them. That is one of my biggest weaknesses in life. A massage and I will pass out cold.

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, I KNOW his name but it's more fun to call him 'what's his name'. I am easily amused. Sheelagh takes the chill chair around, I might get her to come to my office.. it was awesome.

VanAwesome! said...

Glad to hear the ankle is on the mend, I will see you at the table handing out water (still have to let Nancy know I want to do this) when is the date for that again?

I think I will be doing the Mississauga half...that's in May right?

Also don't forget my Thankful Thurs!!! :D

Pamela Hutchins said...

I water-ran for 6 weeks right before my first half iron, and while it is not the same thing, if done correctly it is still quite effective.

JohnP said...

I'm running a half marathon every weekend for the next 6 weeks. It's unsupported, but I'm sure we could negotiate a reasonable registration fee for you to join me on my long slow runs lol.

FranP said...

I am glad to hear your ankle is getting better!
Yes, Peterborough here we come. :)
I LOVE massages too. I need one right now, desperately!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- look at all the pretty orange links!!!

- Mississauga, you probably laugh at how I am pronouncing it

- If you know my name, then why as I still "whats his name"

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

I've done water running and while it is helpful, its painfully boring and you look like a complete dork. That said, if you want to stay in running it

Teamarcia said...

Speedy recovery on that ankle!
Woot for the chill chair!
have a great weekend!