Monday, January 10, 2011


it's ok, that's just money in his pocket

There was a rumour that John is going to build a bike for his amazing wife so they came by with a bag full o'stuff for measuring the Mrs on my bike. They arrived and we relaxed, chatted and ate some pizza. What else you gonna eat when John's around, it's been well documented that the man lives on pizza so who am I to complain.

Fran hopped on and John did the required measuring. My bike doesn't fit her (haahhah) but it was close enough to get the measurements they needed. John kept blurting out sentences much like a doctor during an exam, I wasn't quite sure if what he was saying was a problem or not. "Wow that is a big shanalanamara". I had moments where I felt poor George was not good enough, maybe George too was big and clunky like me but he's MY George and I think he's perfect.

Some things required even closer inspection but in the end it all worked out.

He even adjusted my seat because while I never found it comfortable it didn't occur to me that it was set at a very bad angle and that was the cause of my painful trainer rides, or at least one of the causes. I LOVE my new bike friends.

Even John hopped on for some racing action.

When all was said and done they had the measurements they needed, bellys full of pizza, my seat was adjusted and it was then I realized I am 80 because at 10:00pm on a Saturday night I was ready to go to sleep.  

I got my trainer ride in on Saturday before the Procs arrived however due to other issues I did not swim or run yesterday.

Spin class tonight, Mike is going to kill me.  I think I'll wear my Punk Rock Racing shirt so I feel extra badass.

That's all I got…

PS - Mrs. LoTC has a new blog, go stop by and give her some love.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I dont remember much after pizza, mmmmmmmm

Matty O said...

HAHA hilarious. Shlalmamama this and that.

Ummmmm, hello, completely obvious adjustment Adena, if your hoo hoo hurts from the seat, angle it down a bit so it doesn't press as hard LOL. Unless you like that... LOL

Keep up with the workouts, sounds like you have been on a roll lately!

She said I need a goal said...

BDD, the pizza was good!! But go check out Fran's blog, she has a bikini shot posted.

Matty, yes it is an obvious adjustment but I just assumed that any bike seat hurts in that general area.

JohnP said...

Whoa. It looks like my pantz are hiked up to my titties. I gotta do sumthin' about that lol.

Thanks for the pizza! It's not something I normally eat, so I enjoy the change ;)

FranP said...

The seat adjustment will definitely help. I remember when I first started riding, the pain was intolerable. John to the rescue and presto, a much, much more enjoyable ride!
Thanks for the pizza, it was delish! :)
Have a great week of training!

She said I need a goal said...

hahaha John, rescuing hoohoos everywhere.. lmao

I kill me..

FranP said...

I just read the caption on that one pic.. 'just money in his pocket'.. LMAO.. Love it! ;)

Julie said...

LOL! Great the pics! :)

Bryan Payne said...

I think JP may have lost too much weight. Looks like his pants are up to his chest. He's got the Ed Grimly look. haha


She said I need a goal said...

Hi Julie, thank you! They are a fun pair to have around.

B, JP is way too skinny now, it's a wonder he has any energy at all. I fed him as much pizza as I could.