Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So I was...

Blogging this "So I was" post on Wednesday because Jason said I must blog this every Wednesday and I can't say no to Jason.

Happy to hear that my Great Aunt Helena is doing just fine despite her slightly crappy circumstances.  She's a fighter and has a great attitude, I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Wondering what ingredients will make up my perfect salad. Everytime we order in for lunch I get something different and yet nothing is as yummy as the Longos Pear and Blue Cheese salad. That one goes best with a steak and some red wine on a Friday night. What time should I expect you?

Contemplating a trip to Alaska. I am enamoured of Alaska and am dying to get there for a vacation one day.  Too bad I hate to travel.

Craving hot and sour soup, super spicy.

Wishing I had more mojo to clean out my office at home. There are boxes and piles of things that need to be assessed, organized and/or purged. (using the word assessed made that sound more important and official than it really is.)

Thinking I will remedy this with a 15 minute challenge. I set a timer for 15 minutes, go in with a few garbage bags and throw out as much as I can before the alarm goes off. It won't get the job done but it will get me started, 15 minutes is a long time to spend throwing stuff out, trust me.

Listening to some tunes on my ipod which include (but are not limited to) Beth Hart, the Trews, Darius Lux, The Guess Who, Queen, Rush, Cheap Trick (thanks Scott) and Barry White. Oh shushy you, it's not like I make you listen to my weird playlists!

Enjoying getting back into the swing of things, I'm not there yet but I am headed in the right direction. I think wearing my Punk Rock racing shirt is helping.

Considering another tattoo, this one would be on my left shoulder/arm to offset the one on my left forearm. Suddenly my arm feels unfinished.  (can't believe I just said that) 

Laughing at my co-worker's daily 'ism's and her 'holy shit batman' evening emails. 

Writing an update to our process documents at work, I hate documentation. 

Searching for a funny or interesting postcard to mail out to a friend before month's end. 

Excited that the days are getting longer now, we are on the upswing folks.

Making Thai Honey Peanut Chicken for dinner this weekend.

Looking for SPD shoes on the net and ended up at the MEC site, ut oh, better hide my credit card.

Phoning my American friends and family because I finally got a cheap North American long distance plan. Now I just need to get my passport renewed so I can go see their faces in person and hear the sound of their laughter.

Predicting that waking up at 4am to be on the pool deck by 5:30am for my coached swim tomorrow morning is NOT looking good.

That's all I got...


Pamela Hutchins said...

Believing you got up for that swim.

Marveling at your friend's great choice in music and wondering if you'd think the same of me if I told you I was picked from a crowd once to party with the band on the Cheap Trick tour bus (sadly I have no wild groupie story, just a young blonde Barbie-ish woman drinking a beer and too scared to hold a conversation before I bolted).

Wishing my husband liked bleu cheese, with pears or anything else.

Appreciating your nice comment the other day.

Feeling cold from your awesome blog background.

Wishing you a good one.

ShutUpandRun said...

Jason is so bossy. But I'm glad he made you post. I love these SO I WAS random posts.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love this style of posts!!

FranP said...

I love these style posts as well!
That thai peanut chicken dinner looks yummy.
I love Alaska too. That is a place I want to travel to one day as well. So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats Any salad from Longo's Period!! FYI...Friday night, Steak, Salad and WINE...I finish at 4:30, what time will you be home and what time is!!
Have a great day Chickie

JohnP said...

CRC has way better deal, u could probably find carbon shoes for dirt cheap!

I hope you got up for your swim! I'm feeling the lowest of low these last couple day, so you're not alone in the struggle but u still gotta do them' exercise thingys!

MissFit Island said...

I like the idea of a 15 minute challenge to clean out your office. I have been using a similar approach to clean out my closets. It really works.

Anonymous said...

I'll still go on an Alaskan cruise with you! Also, yay on 15 minutes of purging!


Jason said...

Who doesn't love So I Was Wednesdays....I mean really?

So I Was thinking is it normal to start each of your thoughts with So I Was in my readers eye? Do you do this when you type it? Does anybody else do it?

Tell Aunt Helena that she has support here to fight through anything. We can do it together.

So I was thinking that I would go to Alaska and really want to. I think a trip up there would be beyond amazing and open up a world of possibilities.

Julie said...

I join the crowd in enjoying these posts!

She said I need a goal said...

Pamela, so I was LOVING your comments, especially about the Cheap Trick tour bus. I don't think less of you, I have some stories that are probably more racy than that.

SUAR, I'm glad you like the posts, now if only you could do something about Jason. KIDDING! totally kidding!

BDD, thank you.

Fran, did you know they have triathlons in Alaska?! Vacation/race, two birds/one stone? How fun would that be!

Heather, so sweet you'd come here and comment on my blog, thank you. We definitely need a date for steak and wine and longos salad!

John, I'm checking CRC every day.

MissFit, if not for 15 minutes I fear I'd be a hoarder.

D, I'm in for the cruise! I might even be able to finally afford it.

Jason, thanks for the comment re Aunt Helena. The "So I was" post is fun to write, everyone should do them! Next week I'll tag everyone to do it. I was going to suck up to you so I'd get an athlete's plate but I'll never get nominated, how about an Athlete's snack? ahahahaha

Julie, thank you, I'm glad you like them.

Bryan Payne said...

Don't worry, I have a feeling you're mojo will come back, I think it's working it's way across burlington. haha