Monday, January 17, 2011

you outta know..

my boyfriend, George
  I have been tagged to do a stylish blogger meme by my new friend Julie over at You Just Have to Tri.  She hasn't been following me too long or she'd know that I'm definitely not stylish at all so this could have gone very wrong.  I thoroughly enjoyed her abandon in posting stylish pics of herself, this is how I know we will get along.  Oh click the link, you know you wanna, I'll wait.  I like her sense of humour and she even posts some yummy recipes.  Thankfully for all our sakes I am not required to post any pictures of my non-stylish self, you all know that the picture that was snagged of me at Bryan's Kona party was the only pic that has been taken of me in many years.  

So, here are 7 things about me in no particular order:  

I love being Canadian and just about anything related to Canada especially poutine. Yes yes, let the jokes fly. I can't imagine living anywhere else and although I hate to travel I can always be talked into traveling somewhere in Canada. My favourite place to visit is the East coast because there is lots of great beer there.  That is also where my Great Aunt Helena lives so that means there are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies there, and molasses cookies and mustard pickles and fresh rolls with butter and on and on. I also love Canadian music, The Guess Who, Tragically Hip, April Wine, Barenaked Ladies, FM, Goddo, Alanis Morrisette, Anne Murray (shut up), Gordon Lightfoot, I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace and the list goes ON and ON.  Yes, it's true I even love Nickelback. I've been obsessed with all things Rush lately purchasing two documentaries and a bunch of songs off iTunes as well as one of Neil Peart’s books.   

I’d rather be blind than deaf. I can’t imagine a world where I couldn’t listen to music or hear the crunch of the earth beneath your feet or a dog lapping up water from a bowl or someone whispering softly in your ear.  I'd miss the sights for sure but if I 'had' to choose, I'd rather be blind than deaf.

As you already know, Beth Hart is my favorite singer. Although our life experiences are different (thankfully), her voice, music and lyrics connect with me in a way like no other. If you want to hear my happy, listen to Beth, if you want to hear my pain, listen to Beth. I almost named my bike Beth but someone (who?) said I should name it after a boy, not a girl. I’m a bit sorry about that but I do love ‘George’ (named after Stroumboulopoulos, also Canadian). 

I can never spell “Stroumboulopoulos”, I always have to look it up and even after I look it up it still looks wrong. George, you should know that I won’t be changing my name after we are married.

I love dogs, I know HUGE shocker right. My preference is big dogs, the bigger the better.  No offense to people that have little dogs, little dogs are cute but gimme a big dog any day.  If I had my way I’d own a Weimaraner named Ice and a German Shorthaired Pointer named Little Sister and Great Dane named Tate.

I should definitely say something about training right. While I absolutely hate the process of training, the swims are boring, the runs just plain hurt and we all know how often I fall off the bike and while that is always funny it's generally not pleasant, the only reason I do it is because it feels SO good when it’s over. I’ve come to depend on that feeling.

I call my friends 'homey' but not because I think I'm from the 'hood' but thanks to my iPhone auto correct.  So if I call you homey, it only means I think very highly of you, I don't call just anyone homey.

I have to tag 5 people but since I'm late to the game and most people have already done this, if you haven't done it yet consider yourself tagged (coughFRANcough). 

That's all I got...


Caratunk Girl said...

Hey am I first?? REALLY??

Adena, I freaking LOVE you. "My favourite place to visit is the East coast because there is lots of great beer there." ha ha ha How do you like Maine? We were once part of Canada...

Yeah for dogs, the bigger teh better!

FranP said...

wow,, that Beth Hart has a wicked tatoo on her elbow! ouch!
Is there another Fran you know, cause it looked like you just tagged her!! lol

Jason said...

Damn Mandy beat me to it.

I couldn't agree more with you in regards to the feeling of euphoria when you are done training.

After my epic training day yesterday I got up at 5am this morning to go to the pool. I had led in my legs and dragged myself there. I kept trying to talk myself out of the actual session but before I knew it I was rocking and rolling. I had great splits in the water.

But I crashed hard with a one hour nap. And to think I only have some strength/core and 1 hour tempo trainer ride left to do today.

She said I need a goal said...

Mandy, I LOVE Maine! I have family in Tomaston (sp?) and I want to go visit them this year. Of course St. STephen is very near to awesome city of Calius Maine as well, spent a week there one day.

FRAN, don't make me call you FRANNY, now get posting!

Jason you are hardcore my friend but once you are get moving it's easier. I love being in the zone, I'll be in the zone this week. Tonight I have spin and yoga lined up. woot! I always nap after swimming, always always always and I can never seem to eat enough. I wonder why that is.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

These are always fun to read, thanks for sharing

JohnP said...


Julie said...

Wow, people sure think way to highly of me. :) I knew that you would do a great job and I completley enjoyed reading about you and getting to know you a little better. :)

I have to say I haven't heard the name Anne Murray in a really long time.