Monday, January 31, 2011

whoops, I did it again.. no really, I DID

image borrowed from lolcats
Yup, I did it again on Friday night. I was coming home late (8:30pm) from work I was walking up the stairs at the GO station heading for the parking lot. It was late, I was hungry and tired and clearly not paying attention. I started up the stairs, my foot hit the step instead of stepping on it and down I went, AGAIN. No real injuries, I bruised my shin and knee pretty good but there wasn't any blood and the people in the stairwell with me stopped to see if I was ok and of course I said I was fine. I hobbled with my bad ankle and now hurting shin and knee I almost started to cry on my way to my car out of frustration and pain and embarrassment, oh yea and frustration. I got home, gave up and went to bed. 

Saturday my ankle was feeling sore so I took it easy. I ran a few errands but nothing out of the ordinary. Then, I woke up on Sunday and it was really sore and seemed to be swelling, maybe I was just paying more attention, I'm not sure. WTF? I met my mom for brunch to celebrate her birthday, which is actually today, she's 70, how the heck did that happen, Happy Birthday MOM! After lunch she wanted me to go to Zellers with her but I declined in favour of going home and putting my foot up. I woke up this morning and it's even worse, I must be doing jumping jacks in my sleep or something and now I am back to limping my way from the GO train to the office.

As I limped along I heard my favourite running song. You know the one, the one you crank up to eleven cause it gets you fired up no matter when it starts to play on your playlist, even if it's at the end of your run. This one makes me want to stop and boogie as it ramps up to my favourite part of the song but that would look really silly so I just run faster… I'd link the youtube version of the song for you but the ones I found online are not nearly as good as the version on my iPod…

What would you do, if you woke up tomorrow,
half your life had slipped away?
Where we running? I wanna know who's winning,
what is this price we all have to pay?
Where is the finish? What does it cost…
(not the end of the lyric but I don't have a clue what he's saying next)
~~~~~~~Human Race by Darius Lux
incidentally he also sings my second favourite running song called Hey You...

I was completely bummed to hear the song because I love it and even though I have been known to skip a workout or two not working out at all really really sucks. (did I just say that?). I think I have my eczema problem mostly sorted out so perhaps I can get into the pool with a pool buoy (or is that a pull buoy) so I don’t have to kick my feet and do some laps. That might help my disposition.  Despite the fact that I've lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks which is amazing for me, at the moment I’m completely bummed out. Completely.. :-( 

I could not find a suitable photo of a swollen ankle or a broken leg or someone sad and miserable to I stole John's lolcats idea and this one actually made me giggle which is no small feat today.

That's all I got...


Matty O said...

Strike while the irons hot right? haha, I will be nice ;)


Daryl said...

Not working out is really getting to you, eh? That's a good sign. Get better soon - training officially starts (nice and gradually I hope!) in about four weeks.

JohnP said...

Go get yourself a cane - oh and take pictures too :)

Swimming will help it for sure. Screw the skin issues, this ain't about winning beauty pageants - its time to harden up :) j/k get better soon!

Colleen said...

That's so something I would do. Ugh... what a pain! Hope you heal... and don't get injured again!

Happy birthday to your mom!!!

One Crazy Penguin said...

We may just have to wrap you in bubble wrap.

Hope you're ankle stops rebelling against you soon!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Oh, and if it makes you feel better, I have a story for you. I had a half yesterday. About .2 miles from the finish line I'm running/shuffling along and I stop paying attention to my feet. BIG mistake. I trip over my own feet and end up face planting. In front of everyone. And a *bad* face plant. I was mostly okay physically, but my ego was shattered.

Hope that makes you feel a bit better :)

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

Its Pull Buoy

You should look into yoga and/or other strength training for your feet/ankles.

I just got a fitter board (google it) and its impossible to stand on it but it goes to show how weak my ankles are

Julie said...

You have got to be careful girl!

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, thanks for being nice..

Daryl, I need to get training NOW but maybe by the weekend or early next week, I really hope so.

John, they would throw me out of the pool area, I look like I have the measles.

Colleen, trust me, don't do this!

OCP, OH NO on your face plant!! That sucks. At least you can say your legs were tired from 21km. The ego is the worst part.

MBTB, that's what I thought!! PULL buoy. Heading to google now re the fitter board. Thanks!

Julie, you are right, I think maybe I need some new legs?

Pamela Hutchins said...

Injuries and not running suck. Period. It completely screws with your mind and emotional balance. come on ankle, heal!

ShutUpandRun said...

Dammit, hope that ankle is okay. Baby it. But don't be a baby. Hah I'm funny.

You lied. You said I would be first if I come over here and commented. I'll forgive you this once.

She said I need a goal said...

SUAR I will have to start with the pool running this weekend, stupid ankle. I am not a liar, you can be first on my other post.. haha I just checked, my pants are NOT on fire..

Matty O said...

Soooo maybe they won't kick you out of the pool. I think what will actually happen is everyone ELSE will leave the pool.

No lie, I see this as a win win for you. You get your pool time in AND you don't have to share a lane :)

Bryan Payne said...

Happy B day to your mum and bummer about the fall.