Thursday, January 20, 2011

one of these things is not like the other...

Alright ya show offs. Ok so everyone knows Big Daddy Diesel's name, everyone except me. It's ok, I don't mind. We are even facebook friends and I STILL don't know his name. But you can all be in your 'we know Big Daddy Diesel's name' club.. I didn't wanna join it anyway. Nah nah nah 

In shocking news (not so much) I did not make the 5:30am swim today. Did ya want to hear the excuse?  Didn't think so.

To aid my tormented tush I went to MEC at lunch looking for cycling pants. There wasn't a lot of selection but this did not stop me from spending money on OTHER things. The cycling pants I bought (Descente) are capris, in hindsight that may not have been smart but I was feeling cold when I bought them and they looked warmer than shorts. I will be testing them INSIDE tonight and me and my ass will get back to you on how I like them. I need to invest in some good bras. I love my Enell but I don't need all the support of the Enell while riding on the trainer . Are you loving the boob and tush talk right now? There is a lot of TMI talk going on around here lately.  I bought some arm warmers as well, I may wear them as regular clothes, not just for training. 

I got some good feedback on my foot issues yesterday, thank you!! Both people had the same diagnosis, Morton's Neroma.

I've missed my workout last night but I have two doubles on the books this weekend to keep me on track. Saturday is spin and weights, Sunday is swim and run. I'm happy to report that my eating has been perfect! I feel like I’m stepping into the zone and my god it's about time right. I read this post and while it depressed the hell out of me it's all true and the truth hurts. I have printed it out and will put it up on the fridge for constant reminder. If that doesn't work I may pay Bryan to come to my house and yell 'fat ass' directly at me. I probably wouldn't have to pay John. Haha! I'm kidding!  he'd totally make me pay, he's a bit of a bastard like that..  no seriously though, my pants are feeling looser and I'm feeling better.  

I found a new website because that is JUST what I need, another website but this one looks like it has a lot of potential. Endurance Athlete Project. I see alot of you are already there, maybe you could start a group called 'we know BDD's real name and you don't'.  I digress, this site could be the one stop shop for all things triathlon for me and I'm excited to see how things progress there. I was chatting with Patrick  (I know HIS name) and they may be setting up a training log feature which would be great. Right now I'm not tracking workouts anywhere despite the fact that I've registered at about 20 other websites (daily burn, daily mile, mapmyrun etc) where I could track them, I just don't. I should though.

And that's all I got.


Matty O said...

All you have to do is ask BDD what his name is. I am sure he will let you know ;) haha.

Bryan is a money whore like that, I am sure he will make you pay for his mileage if he commits to it lol.

Yeah, one website to handle all of the triathletes needs. That is what we need.

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, he did respond to my blog yesterday, he said "My first name is Big, middle Daddy last name Diesel, I like B double D as well ;-)" I'm going to just make up names for him.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! My real name is in plain sight on a webpage you mention in this post

She said I need a goal said...

BDD, I'm having more fun with this angle though.. ;-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!!!!!! OK, enjoy it, Jon from Swimcyclorun and Regina from Chiu on This have me labelled as a mythilogical creature.

JohnP said...


I'd charge you DOUBLE and you know it. :) That's awesome! Thanks for that lol!

The arm warmers are the greatest, I love them under my running/biking clothes. They work great!

Your ass would feel better if u got good bike shorts. Get one with at least 8 panels, trust me it makes a difference. You'll pay huge dollars but u can't beat them!

Actually, if you're interested u could probably borrow the ISM Adamo loaner saddle from Newworld Cycle to see if it works for you. It did amazing things for the blood flow to my Penii (that is plural for penis. when you're this big you speak of it in plural).

She said I need a goal said...

I might agree, do you or don't you exist? Are you really YOU or someone else? You must exist because Matty blogged about meeting you and everything Matty blogs is true right?

Oh and you should know everytime I picture you, I picture a big beared rough and tumble trucker dude, in a bathing suit and cap on the start line of a tri. Quite the visual!!!!

Colleen said...

Too funny abou the BDD stuff...

I'm actually with John on the saddle choice. I actually prefer the cheapest of cheap bike shorts (with simple chamios), but I have an Adamo saddle and it makes all the difference in the world. Just a thought!

I have like 5 pair of arm warmers... they are all awesome!

Caratunk Girl said...

This is so funny. The post, the comments everything...this is what I got:
- So funny about B double D - that man rocks. We may allow you into our "we know BDD's first name" club. So funny. I have got to meet you.
- I have bra issues too. The size of these babies makes it mandatory to reign them in. They in no way fit with the rest of me, and they are real. Let me know what you find.
- Saddle!! I think that and being sure of a good fit is key. I have neither, and my a$$ hurts.
- John has 2 peni??? We better ask Mrs. LOTC.

She said I need a goal said...

John, thank you for the TMI on your penis situation.. I think. Do you think that saddle would make that much of a difference? You know I would bribe you to come put it on/take it off for me. Pizza??

Colleen, I don't think I want to know BDD's name anymore, I'm going to call him Rupert. I might look into a saddle change. Appreciate the feedback so much!

Mandy, we definitely need to arrange a meet at IMLP. I am pretty sure I'll be going with the Procs, everyone is going to be there and I'm DYING to meet you as well. Re bras, the Enell is the BEST for running and I raced in it last year with no issue, I just need a new one. And I don't need to know anything else about John's 'rig', lalalalalal I can't hear you!!

Ian said...

Wait...You went to MEC without me?! I don't like this, no ma'am, I don't like this one bit!

Katie said...

I thought I didn't know BDD's name, but now I remembered we emailed and I do!!! I feel special now :D I'll tell you if you'd like ;)

ahaha John's cra-zzzyyyy

Bryan Payne said...

A, nice job on the eating. Love it, you got me motivated. Love the word "Perfect" when it comes to eating


Dani- danielleislosingit said...

70? Wow. You are crazy. I just lover your line "Want to hear the excuse? Didn't think so." Funny stuff.