Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So I was.....

Happy Hump Day!!
Wondering if I'll ever get this running/layer thing right. Note to self, when you get home from work wearing a turtle neck, sweater and winter coat this does not mean it's 'gorgeous' out. I only wore 2 layers, didn't wear my headband or bring gloves. Hello cold!

Contemplating what I should buy for my shoes for outdoor running, yaktrax maybe? Darn near broke my leg last night wiping out on the ice, thankfully it was more of a slide than a fall.

Planning tonights workout, it's going to be a trainer ride. 

Thinking I need to call my dad and stepmother!! They are going to kill me.

Wishing I was feeling more energetic today. 

Afraid I'll never get out of the bathroom from all the water drinking. 

Allison's food for the day wins! 
How do we get her to cook for us everyday?
Laughing at the lunch wars happening at the office.

Searching for my access card for work. I can't get into the office but people keep letting me in, even when I beg them not to. 

Listening to something quiet on my ipod, I've got a teensy headache starting. 

Excited to get a postcard from @pedalmanTO. 

Scheduling an appointment with my chiropractor, I need an adjustment.

Reading blogs using my Flipboard reader (thanks Rodney), it's great except I can't comment. 

Selecting salad ingredients for my lunch today, we are ordering from Freshii.

Hoping it's a quiet day today.

Loving my new Reebok water bottle, it's like an adult sippy cup! Thanks Allison. 

That's all I got!


Teamarcia said...

Haha that's totally an adult sippy cup! Have a great day and stay warm.

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

I got the yaktrax for xmas and used them once. they work well and i never slipped. only downside is i felt sore after the run as they don't absorb the pounding

they also leave marks on hardwood floors

JohnP said...

Wait until you have a good few inches of snow on the ground before putting them on. Thats what I read at least. Anything less and they're pointless. Again, I haven't played with mine yet. Waiting for snow. I dont mind waiting though lol

Matty O said...

Dont run in them until its actually ICY and SNOWY. Quinton had a good post on how to adapt your shoes for winter.

Also, an adult sippy cup should have alcohol in it, not water :)

She said I need a goal said...

Teammarcia, I love this water bottle! Has a long straw in it so you don't have to tip it to drink out of it.

MBTB, ummm I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to run inside with the yaktrax. lol

JohnP, I need something for ice, there was a very thin layer last night and I couldn't see it. Maybe yaktrax are better for snow.

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, thanks I'll check Quinton's blog for info. You are right about the alcohol but I'm on the wagon for a bit now.

Ian said...

Another trainer ride-I like it! Layering can be tricky, it took me a long time to get the right mix down for different temperatures, I'll shoot you a line later. BTW- the wagon isn't the way to go, it's slow, bumpy and the driver gets lost a lot. Haha.

She said I need a goal said...

Ian, hahahah you are right about the wagon, maybe I should rethink that? Any helpful advice on layering would be appreciated. I'm happy I got out regardless.

Jason said...

Wednesday is the day for the So I Was post. So I Was Wednesday. That's it it's in stone no changing now.

Have you checked out Icespikes? Mandy (Caratunk Girl) has a review of them on her blog.

She said I need a goal said...

Ok Jason, "So I was Wednesday" it is!! If I do Wed, Mandy does Mondays (Muttly), you do Thursdays (Athlete's Plate) who will pick up the slack for Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday? hmmmmmm

Thanks for the reminder about Mandy's review.

Bamboo Cyclist said...

Have you tried sleeves that you can roll down when your core temperature gets up and a windproof jacket on the front but breathable on the back so you don't overheat but the blast is taken back from the windproof front? Just a thought. As far as sliding on the ice, way to go I heard them call you safe all the way in Arizona. That is some sweet skills you have there. Keep up the good work on the training and ride hard tonight on the trainer.

Julie said...

Hey Thanks for commenting on my blog! :) I'll be doing my first 70.3 this year too so I will look forward to following your journey!