Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So I was...

downtown yesterday @ Sgt Russell's funeral

Wondering why the ball of my foot and my toes fall asleep whenever I'm running or cycling. I've tried loosening / tightening the laces but it happens every time.

Contemplating how long you have to know Big Daddy Diesel before you get to know his real first name.. Speaking of BDD..

Noticing that some of the girls in the office have a copy of Big Daddy Diesel's New Years post taped up at their desks. He's inspiring the Canadian ladies to kick some ass this year.

Thinking I might be addicted to avocados. Never liked them before but now I don’t want to eat salad without it.

Trying to tweet less.. just cause. I'm not being very successful but I'm trying.

Purchasing better cycling pants because my butt is offended at the hour long trainer rides and they are just going to get longer.

Listening to the Heidi and Frank show. Toilet humour at it's best. I used to listen to Howard Stern and loved him but when he went to satellite I found Heidi and Frank and haven't looked back.

Laughing at my boss wandering from cubicle to cubicle doing squats as he makes his way to the kitchen to refill his water bottle and then doing walking lunges back down the aisle to his desk.

Missing a few bloggers who have disappeared or aren't posting as much. Matty and Quinton especially. I suspect Matty is out plowing snow but hope all is well with Quinton and his family.

Searching for my Garmin HR chest strap, do I lose everything? Yes, yes I believe I do.

Scared to get on the scale but I did anyway.  I didn’t look, I made Janicke look for me.

Making a mess.

Slightly concerned that the MEC store is less than a 5 minute walk from my office.

Counting the days til I can have a frosty cold beer or a glass of red wine.

Leaving my attitude at the door. I'm not thinking, I'm doing!

Laughing (I can do laughing twice, I can do it as many times as I want) at the video John posted of him being supportive to his lovely wife. 

That's all I got...


Pedalman said...

Johns video is going to be replayed in my house many times this winter I think. Don't be scared of MEC, embrace it. Haha.
Toes falling asleep- For running it could be your strike on the road. For cycling it sounds like you're being constricted on the sides by your shoes. Are you getting a hotspot as well?
Keep up the great no drinking challenge. It's a tough one, but worth it.

Emz said...

Love the "missing". agreed. for. sure.

Love how BDD is getting the respect he deserves. ;) LOVE that!

She said I need a goal said...

Pedalman, did you see John biking video that he made up? Just as funny! I love MEC, my wallet is afraid. As for the hotspot, no hotspots in my feet, my butt has issues. haha I don't have an end date on the drinking, taking it day by day and will only drink if there is a REALLY good reason.

Emz, BDD is legend!!

Matty O said...

I am here... just not HERE haha.

It's been an interesting winter. Kicked my ass more than others.

There is a really good reason I have been MIA and not training. Can't tell anyone yet, it's a surprise (as if anyone would care haha).

My 2 cents on your pants. First off, it takes A LOT of biking to get those sit bones conditioned for long time in the saddle. Took me about 6 months.

Try different BRANDS of pants/shorts. The pad is a bit different in them and some worked much better for me than others.

Numbness while biking... sometimes your saddle will be pressing on a nerve and messing with your circulation. Try moving around a bit on the bike. I had this and figured out where I needed to sit to avoid it.

As for running, got me on that one.

Jason said...

Avocados? Did you see my stuffed avocados on the Athlete's Plate on FB? Perfect timing.

I miss Q as well. Sent him 2 emails but never heard back. Hope all is well.

I happen to know BDDs first name but not revealing it....LOL!!!!

I hope your boss wears some loose fitting pants while squat walking b/c you don't want to rip a hole in them.

And in the end the greatest post of any Wednesday is the So I Was.

Caratunk Girl said...

I miss Q too!! I know Matty is out plowing or trying to hurt himself (wish he would quit doing that). I know BDD's name!!

Good luck on the shorts, I have problems myself.

Teamarcia said...

I am so with you on the avocados

Beal88 said...

Buy some Assos bibs. Your bank account will hate you, but your booty will thank you.

Julie said...

Oh My you make me laugh! :)I'msure glad I found your blog!

Numb toes, I get that too. Not so much when I run anymore but for sure on the bike I believe my issues to be Morton's Neroma ( ) but that's self diagnosed. :) However using some pads in my shoes seems to help quite a bit.

Colleen said...

I seriously laughed at how long it takes to know BDD's first name. Even though I do, I still refer to him as BDD when I talk to the hubby about him or to another blogger.

Great post!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

My first name is Big, middle Daddy last name Diesel, I like B double D as well ;-)

I am honored I am all over your office, though the only person I know from there is you

She said I need a goal said...

Matty, I can't wait to hear your news!! I know my butt will feel better over time, I will be heading to MEC and picking up a couple of pairs of pants to try out.

Jason, thank you for your kind comments, we can blame you for the "So I was" weekly post. :-) The greatest post of any Thursday is the Athlete's Plate.

Mandy, show off! You know BDD name.. I will be buying some shorts and doing some butt testing. I'll post the results.

Teammarcia, of course we like them now, they are fattening.. Hahah

Beal88, I will look for these shorts.

Julie, I'm glad we are following each other, I love your blog as well. Thank you for the info, two of you are saying the same thing.

Colleen, thank you for commenting and following.

BDD, bugger!!!