Wednesday, January 26, 2011

so I was...

grateful for all the kind comments on my wipeout post yesterday, I was also grateful for the funny comments, you guys are too much!!   

at the doctor's office today to see about my gimp ankle.  Ankle is definitely sprained, there's an awesome goose egg on it.  I also had him check out my ezcema which is terrible this year. No working out, not even pool time til I sort myself out, I'm a hot mess.

Laughing at my boss yesterday offering to piggy back me to the GO station.  

Timing my walk to the GO station, it normally takes 7 or 8 minutes, last night it took almost 20.  

Craving Thai food, I think I am always craving Thai food.

Wishing I lived in a bungalow.
Excited when I realized that tomorrow is my 6 month anniversary of quitting smoking.  SIX months, how did that happen?  

Wondering how long til I can work out again, maybe by the weekend I can be back in the pool at least, that would be nice.   

Catching up on some online banking, my life is super exciting!

Also catching up on my blog reading, feels like it's been forever since I read anything but I'm sure it was just yesterday.   

Happy to see that I lost a few pounds last week, yes you read that right, 'a few', woot!  I am not posting stats just yet, don't want to jinx it.... phew!!  Now I need to be extra diligent.

Enjoying a Perrier lemon, I wanted something fizzy and am trying to stay away from diet soda. 

Writing a short letter to a friend, well I've already written it, now I need to 'mail' the bloody thing.  

Thinking that my dishwasher is so loud it sounds like there is a plane taking off in my kitchen.

Shredding  some old paperwork, I'm trying to do that 15 minutes a day because I'm buried under papers.. not 'hoarders' buried but buried none the less.

Trying to remember what I have on this weekend, I thought there was something..   

Wishing I had brought my work laptop home with me yesterday, I could be working right now (and making some cash).   

Hoping you find this video of people falling funny, too bad there wasn't video of my wipeout but I assure you, it was no where near this spectacular... 

That's all I got... 


One Crazy Penguin said...

That video is priceless. I was laughing out loud and people were looking at me like I was crazy. Thanks!

Hopefully the ankle feels better soon :)

Emz said...

loved the video.


online banking. YAY you! ;)

Jason said...

awesome video. I would not have laughed at you falling (after I made sure you were ok I would have.)

Karen told me she commented on your blog yesterday. We are moving her slowly into the 21st Century here.

I hope you get better real real soon.

Julie said...

Wow congrats on the 6 months no smoking that is huge!!!!!!

Such a bummer about the ankle! Hoping it heels soon.

Anonymous said...

OMG your ankle? That's awlful, you were getting back on a roll! But that's ok, I'm sure you'll make up for it.

Has the humidifier helped at all?


Matty O said...

holy word vomit girl?!?! Sheesh!

Yeah, depending how bad the sprain is, definitely back in the pool. As for running that is a feel thing. Hopefully you are back at it fast.

Nothing sucks more than dropping a few pounds and picking them back up fast.

She said I need a goal said...
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She said I need a goal said...

One Crazy Penguin, thank you! That video makes me giggle like a 3 year old.

EMZ, glad you liked it!

Jason, Karen tweeted me (I think) and mentioned one of her own stories, this I need to hear!!!

Julie, thank you ma'am! Also saw your note on the tattoo post, appreciate the kind comments there as well.

Nobugs, humidifier helps a bit but I'm still covered in spots. Doc gave me a script for better cream, but no change yet.

Matty, word vomit? It's not longer than my usual 'so I was' posts.. Hmm I'm hoping to be back in the pool this weekend or early next week. I need to learn how to pool run.

Caratunk Girl said...

That video is hilarous!!

FranP said...

Funny video.. hehehe
Congrats on 6 months.. you are awesome!
So sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope you have a speedy recovery so you can get back to training.
The thing you had planned this weekend was to come to our house for supper and register for the Peterborough HALF.. That is if registration is open! :)

JohnP said...

It definitely sounds like you need to get laid.

That is all. Carry on.

She said I need a goal said...

Mandy, glad you like the vid.

Fran, did we confirm that? See you need to make me write things down!! but YES let's DO IT if reg is open.. I'm hobbling around.

John, you are probably not wrong about getting laid, I just need to find a guy that is not a complete loser. Clearly my taste in men is terrible. That is all.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"Mail?!?!" they still do that stuff, they still make stamps?!?! Who knew?!?!

She said I need a goal said...

Rupert, yes stamps and all, I feel VERY retro.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months not smoking day!

Hope your ankle is feeling a bit better today too.

Re: pool running - I used to do this with the adults I taught. Stand in water about chest high (the higher up on your body it is, the more resistance your body benefits from) and just try to run. Use your arms overhand like you're trying to swim front crawl to help balance and propel you, just keep your feet on the ground. I find it kind of turns into a step-bounce kind of movement. It's a terrific workout.


VanAwesome! said...

Congrats on the 6mths!!! One day at a time is how that happened :D
Rest yourself girl xo

Bryan Payne said...

Nice work on the 6 month smoking achievment. BIG WIN. You deserve a BIG pat on the back.

Losing weight, that's a good one two.

I feel the good energy from yah.

Keep up the great work.